June 2005

Reading a few posts on this morning’s bus ride to the city, I am struck by the locquacity of some of my peers. I loved Pete Shinback‘s views on why CEOs don’t transition from the dining table to the bedroom; Shel clearly and aptly (again and as always) highlights the difference between strategy and tactics […]

My favourite Douglas Adams quote

by Lee Hopkins on June 23, 2005

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For whatever reason (I have no idea why, myself) this wonderful quote from the late, great—nay magnificent—Douglas Adams popped into my head. From The Salmon of Doubt: “I love deadlines. I love the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.” Update: I just googled and found the quote, and a wonderful page full of […]

Having created the space to ponder longer over what sort of ‘beast’ blogging is or can be, I am delighted to find that it can be many things (roll of eyes as the reader goes “Duh!”) I guess for a SOHO consultant like myself blogging can achieve a greater profile. Indeed, Neville has stated several […]

Podcast apologies

by Lee Hopkins on June 23, 2005

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Due to a slipup with my ftp software I didn’t realise that the mp3 of my latest edition of Better Communication Results the podcast hadn’t uploaded to the server. Massive apologies! It’s there now, so please feel free to download it or, better still, subscribe via RSS and drop each and every sparkling edition into […]

Blog Express Vs GreatNews – redux

by Lee Hopkins on June 22, 2005 · 4 comments

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Ahhh… of course the one great feature that GreatNews has that BlogExpress doesn’t is caching of feeds, allowing me to read the headlines and text on my notebook on the bus. So I’m going back to GreatNews — I just wish it had the tab facility that BlogExpress has… Previous articles: Great News vs BlogExpress […]

Edition 11 of Better Communication Results the podcast is now ready for your listening pleasure! And in this week’s edition I talk about how you can use kinesics to enhance your copy (and all the best copywriters do!) Download it now and listen to it immediately – just 9 minutes and 27 seconds long, 8.7mb […]

Here’s something interesting: yet again research seems to support my original conjecture. I have long held that before sending an email with a joke in it (or a sarcastic comment, or a pun, or similar) you should always read the email to yourself out loud. Now research seems to be supporting me in this. According […]

Well, the flu is finally on its way out of my system (slowly, slowly…) so I have put a new podcast together. Edition 10 is now ready for your perusal! At just a shade over 5 minutes long, it answers that perennial question, “Podcasting in business – why should I?”. Download it now and listen […]

Well, I’ve used Great News as my primary reader for a few weeks now, in a longitudinal (well, for the blogosphere it is) study. Conclusion: I’m going back to BlogExpress. Why: Because I really value BlogExpress’ tabbed views. I can flip between different posts and blogs and not lose them (handy when putting together a […]

Amy has it right

by Lee Hopkins on June 13, 2005

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I know that Neville is big on links (as in who links to you) but more and more I’ve been thinking about content over links, that content is king on websites and it should be on blogs, too — at least for some bloggers. If I run a pubsub or technorati search on my name […]