Your new hires will eat you for lunch

by Lee Hopkins on August 25, 2005 · 5 comments

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You will appear old fashioned...Allan has it nailed — the new-hires in this New Comms age are going to be VERY savvy about social media. And you will look old and stupid and lazy and slow for not…

My man Jenkins points to a new service for PR folks, a free blog set up by Robert French (with help from my fellow Aussie James Farmer).

Allan has slightly edited his blog post, but I am fortunate enough to have his original entry in my aggregator, which ends with the line:

note to IABC/ PRSA/ AAF members: take notes; your new hires are going to know all about social media, and they are going to eat…you… for… lunch.

Wise words, indeed, mate!

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