We are all ‘communicators’

by Lee Hopkins on August 29, 2005

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We are all communicators directing our own moviesThe ever-wonderful Kathy Sierra has written about how ‘marketing’ is getting such a bad rap*

Kathy is of course right – it IS fun for some to bad mouth marketing (like they’ve never read or understood what Seth Godin‘s pleading with us to understand).

But in response to Kathy I would argue that we are not necessarily attractors or even conversationalists, we are communicators. In order to share our idea, our passion, our interest, with others we have to communicate that idea/passion/interest to someone else. How we choose to do that is up to us and which particular tool in our tool bag we have available – be it marketing, sales, PR and any of their associated techniques and tactics, such as brochures, conventions ( I know someone who is good at presenting your ideas for you), blogs, podcasts, above the line and below the line promotions, news releases, schmoozing with influencers, etc., etc., etc.

‘We are family’ was a great song; ‘we are communicators’ is a truth.

* and by mentioning the late, great Bill Hicks she’s brought back some wonderful memories of a sadly missed insightful communicator who used humour as his vehicle to deliver stunning insights. I loved his sketch about weapons experts deciding which missile in the armoury catalogue to fire next.

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