Old-style PR won’t cut it on the web

by Lee Hopkins on November 7, 2005

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Blogging is easy - not coming across as a sales shark is harder

John Cass makes an interesting point:

“I think blogger relations is different from public relations because of the nature of the medium.

With mass media a company could buy advertising or conduct public relations, consumer generated media is very different, over the last ten years; the number of media channels has increased. Those channels include blogs published by consumers. To succeed in getting your message out through consumer generated media channels, a company has to engage the channels by discussing ideas that bloggers wish to discuss, rather than buying advertising or pitching journalists.

I do think that PR strategy comes into play in thinking about the development of ideas, and thought leadership for a company, however with blogger relations the way in which a company connects with other bloggers can be very different than PR methods.”

Good point, John, and one that echos many thoughts amongst us recently. But helping clients and employing organisations ‘get it’ is a different matter entirely.

Now that a backlash against blogs is slowly starting, we evangelists potentially face an even tougher time than before; getting them to consider using new, (for them) untried strategies is going to be a huge mindshift.

Sure, some of us are going to have an easier time than others — some will have more adventurous clients, a more competitive (for our client) business environment where competitors are already blogging, as examples — but the majority of we Marcomms consultants are facing the usual challenges of helping senior managers not only understand the environment is no longer a ‘Command and Control’ one, but also understand that they need to hire a different skillset if they want to play in the new sandpit.

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