Cashflow is King, and also Jailor to SOHOs

by Lee Hopkins on November 25, 2005 · 0 comments

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Mrs BCR very happy with new Richter Scale reducing cashflow consolidation contract

Consulting can be, as many of us know, a perilous path.

Clients take forever to pay invoices, ‘absolutely must go ahead’ projects vaporise quicker than a bottle of champag… sparkling wine on a warm Friday night at BetterComms Towers… cashflow is the never-ending cause of vigilance for SOHOs and micro-businesses.

So it was with considerable delight that one of my favourite clients rang me up out of the blue and offered me an open-term contract to provide strategic and tactical advice and work around the giddy world of online communications.

Naturellement, I cannot mention their name at the moment but I will certainly enjoy the fruits of a slighty-relieved cashflow graph that currently looks like a series of Krakatoan explosions — one month I am considering putting in the order for the purple rag-top Bentley, the next I am considering putting in an option for the local soup kitchen…

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