Sony, Sony, Sony, must be phony, in a tech man’s world

by Lee Hopkins on November 25, 2005

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Sony MP3 player lame says Japan TodayNot content with annoying the majority of the tech-savvy (and not so tech savvy) western world, even Japan now hates Sony.

No, not the much loved (well, by me at any rate) English pop band of the 1980s, but the country and its folk.

According to informed sources at, Japan Today is calling Apple’s success in Japan “a low point for Sony”.

Why are Apple doing so well and Sony not? Well, according to the Japan Today site, it’s because Sony’s offerings are “lame”.

They say:

“Sony is trying to fight back, with new MP3 Walkmans priced close to the Apple models, such as 29,000 yen for a 6GB unit, and they’ve cut the pricing of Mora online songs by 15% recently. However, this is a lame-ass effort, given that the iPod is sexier, smaller, and cheaper”

Onion link courtesy of Jenkins

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