How secure is secure?

by Lee Hopkins on December 22, 2005

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How secure is secure? This would be incredibly funny, in an ironic way, if it wasn’t so terrifying.

Two incidents, reported in a cross-linking bloggy sort of way by IT BlogWatch, highlight how flimsy is our delusion that the defeat of the Clipper chip was the start of us regaining a sense of privacy.

Firstly, the leading provider of hacker-finding software gets hacked (they store the data unencrypted???), and a stack of personal material about FBI, Secret Service and NYPD folks goes walkabout; then ABN Amro announces a data tape with 2 million customer details on it goes walkabout as well.

Having read Dan Brown’s Digital Fortress a few months ago, my own sense of digital paranoia has been heightened. Today’s read of events I was not previously aware of do nothing to alleviate my nervousness.

If a blog post can come back to haunt you and your job/romantic prospects years later, what hope do you have when hackers can expropriate your identity and life?

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