February 2006

How do you relax? The erudite, incredibly persistent and dedicated, and marvellous, Douglas Fortescue Arbuthnot has put into words something that has been troubling me as well these last few months. As my consultancy rebuilds after a previous business venture’s failure, all of my efforts and energies (both mental and physical) have been going into […]

Moleskines and working methodologies

by Lee Hopkins on February 22, 2006 · 20 comments

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My Moleskine pocket notebook with tabs The challenge one often faces with a new toy is how to take best advantage of it, how to shape and structure it for optimum reward, both intrinsic and pragmatic. This is no different with my new Moleskine notebook. I did think of breaking it into sections: Blog ideas […]

Customer Service and the impressive CurioStudio

by Lee Hopkins on February 22, 2006

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A splendid example of why companies should monitor the blogosphere occurred right here on this very blog. A couple of days ago I posted about the weather feed I’m beta-testing and how it presented itself in my aggregator of choice, GreatNews. Within hours Jack from CurioStudio, the developers of GreatNews, left a comment asking for […]

Moleskin and the fountain pen

by Lee Hopkins on February 22, 2006 · 16 comments

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Moleskin notebook Well, since everyone is raving about them, I thought I’d track them down in Adelaide (no mean feat) and try one myself. So I finally found that Borders in Adelaide has a small range (to the left of and behind the escalator if you enter from the front of the store). It fits […]

RSS aggregator developers – please note

by Lee Hopkins on February 20, 2006 · 20 comments

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As Mrs BetterComms says, it’s only a small thing, but a small thing that is becoming increasingly frustrating. I usually read my feeds first thing in the morning, on the way to client offices in my chauffer-driven Volvo (aka ‘bus’). When I view my aggregator feeds and find a post I want to blog about, […]

FeedDemon Beta and the expansion of my information sources

by Lee Hopkins on February 20, 2006

in tools

At a tip-off from the wise and perspicacious Neville Hobson, I’ve been testing the beta version of FeedDemon2. So far so good, no glitches or crashes but I’ve yet to play with it seriously enough to figure out its different options. Whether I will stick with it and pay up $30 for the retail version […]

Pet fancy dress party

by Lee Hopkins on February 20, 2006

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I Feeling this makes me look foolish I am have no idea where these came from — other than, of course, from the email account of a friend. Yes, you’ve probably seen them before, but they cracked me up so much I had to share them. There were a whole series of them, but these […]

Weather with you

by Lee Hopkins on February 20, 2006 · 9 comments

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Fellow bloggers and devotees of RSS feeds who live in the northern hemisphere, particularly those whose continent starts with either U or E (that’s ‘USA’ or ‘Europe’), are well served for weather information. However, we here in the Antipodes are not so well served at all. Indeed, in Bloglines I can just type in my […]

Neville needs to book into the Podcast Institute

by Lee Hopkins on February 19, 2006 · 3 comments

in humour

Nifty Newbie Nev has been overdoing it recently. Rather than taking a few days off and resting in his own bed, what he should have done is fly out to the beautiful Adelaide Hills and find rest, relaxation, succour and tender loving nursing care in the Podcast Institute. He’s been travelling all over the place […]

Link love and Technorati rankings

by Lee Hopkins on February 18, 2006 · 5 comments

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Dan Hill continues a theme expressed by others (Andrea Weckerle, Shel Israel, Doc Searls, Chris Pirillo, Peter Dawson, Niall Cook and Jack Krupansky, inter alia) about the relative merits of Technorati statistics on bloggers and whether it is all just ‘allusion capital’ (which I think that is a lovely turn of phrase). I agree that […]