by Lee Hopkins on March 24, 2006

in miscellaneous

Clippings from the BetterComms garden Mall hopes WiFi gives it an edge — put one’s hands together in front of your chest and pray that someone in Adelaide gets the idea.

Fairly frightening what a committee can invent – “Say WA” What the? 18months and 32 people to come up with “Say WA”. You have to be joking!

Sorry, I’m Not That Kind Of Guy – “I’m not a blog kinda person”. And what kind of person isn’t or is a blog person? In an email with Trevor Cook about Iraq and blogging, I have a hunch that most bloggers are left- rather than right-wing in political stance. If you are shy, retiring or of an opinion you have nothing worthy of saying, then perhaps you are a non-blog kinda person…

Neville having trouble with RocketPost – I’ve sorted out most of my issues, which were WordPress configuration rather than RocketPost problems. But I’m still having a few challenges getting RocketPost to add more than two links in any one post — it just crashes RocketPost and loses the nascent post.

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