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2006 March — Page 2

March 2006

And in a follow-up to the Allan Jenkins scraping saga comes word that this humble author is himself being ‘scraped’ http://spaces.msn.com/taghome319/blog/cns!468438732578142D!111.entry It’s not blogger spam sites pinching my content anymore (although some still are), it’s now msn spaces pinching content. So do I sue BillG? As Henriette Weber Anderson says: “I mean – yeah the […]

Using pictures to tell a story

by Lee Hopkins on March 20, 2006

in miscellaneous

My good friend Bruce Macky at Dymocks in Adelaide sends me great emails, many with amusing videos or jpgs and jokes. Today he sent me some absolutely brilliant examples of story-telling via an image. I have no idea where he got the pictures from, although the person who sent them to him claimed they were from […]

Neville has trouble with RocketPost

by Lee Hopkins on March 20, 2006 · 5 comments

in miscellaneous

To be honest, I’d had no troubles with them until I switched to WordPress 2.0, but I think it’s more to do with the configuration for 2.0 than RocketPost. The images just don’t upload anymore, so I have to upload the images via the web interface with my blog, which kind of defeats the idea […]


by Lee Hopkins on March 20, 2006

in miscellaneous

Aurora, Illinois is going to get free, city-wide Wi-Fi. That’s 42 square miles and 170,000 residents who will benefit from a service paid for by advertising. Nice. Wonder when Adelaide will benefit from such a service? In a bizarre twist to the ‘cartoons’ fiasco that has fanned the flames of extremism, South Park is going […]

Pinch from Jenkins? Are you mad??

by Lee Hopkins on March 20, 2006 · 3 comments

in Uncategorized

Inadvertently it seems I caused my fellow co-owner of the Better Desirable Roasted Communications Cafe empire, the suave and debonair Allan Jenkins, some indigestion over brekkie. A Technorati ego search found that my name was very flatteringly mentioned by him not only on his own blog, but at http://allanjenkins.mobitype.com/. Intrigued at a blog that seemed […]

Weckerle dines with Klau

by Lee Hopkins on March 18, 2006 · 2 comments

in Uncategorized

There’s an amazing interview you must check out. Andrea Weckerle in Washington recently had dinner with Rick Klau, VP Bus Dev at Feedburner. [Note: for those new to the social web, or Web2.0, or blogging or podcasting, Feedburner is the defacto ‘standard’ third-party feed service – I insist all of my clients use their services]. […]

Psychology blog

by Lee Hopkins on March 17, 2006 · 3 comments

in Uncategorized

I’m helping a psychology and mediation practice get involved in the social conversation. They had already started blogging recently, but I’m going to be helping them upskill in Web2.0, including introducing podcasting and integrating their blog with their main website. If you are interested in News, views & reviews about Psychology, Psychiatry, Psychotherapy, Counselling, Mediation, […]

Happy birthday to me!

by Lee Hopkins on March 17, 2006 · 25 comments

in miscellaneous

Today is the one year anniversary of my blogging. It all started soooooo long ago (17th March 2005), with a brief and innocent post entitled, ‘Welcome‘ Hi, Just wanted to welcome you and let you know this blog will update on an irregular basis – because work often gets in the way! And nothing has […]

Free stock photo resources

by Lee Hopkins on March 17, 2006 · 12 comments

in Uncategorized

Courtesy of the mighty fine Photoshop Tutorials Blog comes a great list of sites offering free stock photos. Please feel free to avail yourself. Looking for free stock video? Francesco (a commenter) says try here Hat-tip to Lee at Visual Being Update: I had the wrong link attached to the photo on this post — […]

Password manager

by Lee Hopkins on March 16, 2006

in miscellaneous

Shhh!… Secret Squirrel I recently found a new password manager and, eager as ever to waste more hours rather than doing something truly productive — say, housework — I have just downloaded and installed it. As the manufacturers, Vortex, say, How many different passwords and usernames do you need to remember? Many of us try […]