April 2006

I’ve taken a big risk. I’ve decided to merge two separate groups of people: people who subscribe to this blog, and people who subscribe to my increasingly infrequent but more formal html newsletter. This could either see a mass ‘unsubscribe’ as the expectations of one group are not met, or else it will be ‘Business […]

La Strump banned from BetterComms Towers

by Lee Hopkins on April 28, 2006 · 6 comments

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M y friend and colleague Shel Holtz is the latest in a lengthening line of Comms bloggers singled out for criticism by La Strump. In his rather erudite post, Hiding behind the facade, Shel goes to some length to politely rebuke a personal attack. The Strump then decides to attack not only Shel, but one […]

I heard you were great in bed…

by Lee Hopkins on April 28, 2006 · 7 comments

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T his joke is millenniums old, but worth repeating, as Anders did a couple of weeks ago. But it was Merry Elrick‘s comment/follow-up punchline that cracked me up! Herewith the joke and Merry’s punchline: You go to a party and you see an attractive girl across the room. You go up to her and say, […]

IE 7 Beta 2

by Lee Hopkins on April 28, 2006 · 8 comments

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I’m willing to try anything at the moment. Now that Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 is out and about, I’ll use it to replace my frustrating experience (yes, another one!) with Firefox. Firefox works perfectly for about a month, then simply ceases to function. It opens up to a blank screen, no buttons work, no […]

The truth: Are we ready for it?

by Lee Hopkins on April 27, 2006

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Brad Whitworth over at the IABC employee comms blog points to a new book by Susan Scott, Fierce Conversations. I haven’t read the book myself, but Brad reckons that the sort of in-your-face, open conversations that Susan suggests might be the way to go… “Some people are ready for that sort of personal or organizational […]

Shameless grab for a free copy…

by Lee Hopkins on April 27, 2006 · 6 comments

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My mate Trevor Cook has a chapter in a soon-to-be-released book on, guess what… Okay — blogging and PR! Darn, you guessed If you want anyone to review it, Trevor, you know the address (but just in case, here it is again, in a shameless pitch for a freebie/review copy) PO Box 1129, Stirling, 5152 […]

Status Quo, Slipknot and great openings

by Lee Hopkins on April 27, 2006

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Courtesy of some dear friends that I’ve known since high school (some 30-something years), I got hold of a long-cherished album on cd. I only had the vinyl version of ‘Status Quo Live’ and hadn’t listened to it in years. But with the arrival of the borrowed cd version I could load up my mp3 […]

Allan’s open letter to Steve Crescenzo

by Lee Hopkins on April 27, 2006 · 7 comments

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W OW! It sure got heated for a while… I was ready to put on my boxing gloves and wade into very murky mud in defence of Allan… I detested seeing a colleague and friend get slandered by another colleague who has the oxygen of newsprint. The flames coming out of Crescenzo’s mouth were pretty […]

Using GreatNews and Zoundry together

by Lee Hopkins on April 26, 2006 · 14 comments

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In a blinding example of RTFM, I have configured my GreatNews rss aggregator/news reader and Zoundry offline blog editor to work together. [Update: read this ‘how to’] I downloaded and installed the latest version of GreatNews and tried the ‘blog it’ text link, still to no avail. But then I tried again, selecting ‘configure…’ instead […]

Search engines are bizarre

by Lee Hopkins on April 25, 2006 · 20 comments

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I am at a loss to explain why ‘tuna casserole’ should figure so highly in a list of search terms folks have used to find my blog. It’s number two of the search terms used in the last month! Bizarre. But it seems that images of Sven are indeed in hot demand. If you have […]