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2006 April — Page 2

April 2006

Today is Anzac Day

by Lee Hopkins on April 25, 2006 · 14 comments

in miscellaneous

Today is Anzac Day. For many Australians and New Zealanders this is a day of quiet, a day of reflection, a day of counting our blessings, a day of giving thanks to those who fell in foreign countries defending our countries’ values and beliefs. And saying a silent prayer to those who fell at the […]

Testing a new blog editor [sigh]

by Lee Hopkins on April 25, 2006 · 26 comments

in tools

A t the suggestion of Pidge (I wonder if he is the half-brother of Midge, the infamous Midge Ure of Ultravox and Live Aid fame? He’s probably ridgy-didge anyway…), I am testing out Zoundry, a new blog editor. The list of what it claims it can do is impressive and so far I’ve used it […]

D espite being continually included in lists of PR bloggers, I am not a PR practitioner. I don’t know the first thing about PR (other than you buggers get paid a lot more than ‘internal comms’ folks), never having been involved in any theoretical study of it, or any practical outworking of the theories. So […]

Employee comms – a waste of time?

by Lee Hopkins on April 22, 2006 · 19 comments

in Uncategorized

And should employee comms vehicles, such as newsletters, be ‘good news only’ vehicles? If one holds to the view that one can choose one’s attitude to be either positive or negative, does ‘less than good news’ deserve a place in the employee comms world?

A logo for frustrated offline bloggers

by Lee Hopkins on April 22, 2006 · 2 comments

in Uncategorized

Capitalising on a theme running over the last few posts, Dave has come up with a logo based on ‘type over image’. I throw this open to the same community that created the wonderful Nobodies meme-fest: create a logo for frustrated users of blog editing software…  

Where do I even begin?

by Lee Hopkins on April 21, 2006 · 19 comments

in Uncategorized

I had just spent the best part of three hours writing a long post about Qumana, BlogJet and attaching a stack of really good clippings from my wandering around the blogosphere, pulling links together… THREE HOURS Kept relentlessly saving the Qumana file (this is the ‘stable’, release, non-beta version 2, not the beta v3) and […]

I can’t leave this little thing alone

by Lee Hopkins on April 21, 2006 · 28 comments

in Uncategorized

Sometimes it’s like this. You love something so much that you can’t stop playing with it long after you know you should move on. The ever-wonderful Kathy Sierra waxes deftly about this, the staying in the ‘comfort zone’ when you intuitively know you should be stretching. [As an aside, if you don’t read her blog […]

More on offline editors

by Lee Hopkins on April 20, 2006 · 31 comments

in miscellaneous

A rather splendid online conversation with Dave Briggs has generated into us both thinking about and developing a wishlist of features the ideal offline blog editor would have. So, taking the best from RocketPost (which I still attempt to use as it was my ‘perfect’ tool until it started crashing so badly and corrupting its […]

The inscruitable and thoroughly wonderous BoingBoing reports on a wierd instructional video put out in Japanese: ‘Let’s Sexy English’. Should you be suffering from a lack of skill in picking up ‘gaijin hotties’, as BoingBoing eloquently says, and you’re Japanese, then this could be the video for you. As one commenter on the post put it: […]

Courtesy of Kami Huyse comes a useful little tool she got from Amy Gahran — Monitor This. Monitor This allows you to create an OPML file, perhaps of an ego search (your own name) or the name of a client, or a competitor, or a particular url. You then copy and paste that OPML code […]