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2006 June

June 2006

Reflections on blog links

by Lee Hopkins on June 30, 2006 · 14 comments

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Gosh, things have been busy around BetterComms Towers recently. There have been a million and one projects to work on, quotes to submit, clients to liaise with and family matters to keep on top of. And that’s just this afternoon! All of which has made me reflect on how I spend what little time I […]

Melcrum has just released a new report: ‘Driving a high-performance culture: communication tools, techniques and best practice from leading global organisations’. At US$775 it’s not normally something I’d pay for, but the very generous folks at Melcrum have, as usual, offered a free executive summary for download. Excitingly, they are reportedly also offering a free […]

Clippings from the BetterComms garden

by Lee Hopkins on June 29, 2006 · 3 comments

in miscellaneous

Kami Huyse sent a number of us an email the other week, asking for our insights and opinions on a range of questions. The response to Kami’s questions has been outstanding (I hang my head in shame that I’ve been so busy I haven’t had time to contribute myself) and I encourage you to check […]

[Cross posted from The Adelaide Bookshelf] A true measure of a book’s value to me, I have discovered over the years, is the number of post-it notes it has sticking out of it by the time I’ve finished it. Some books only have a few stickies, some none at all (and the books’ authors usually […]

If you haven’t already, drop by the Better Desirable Roasted Communications Café Podcast, the twice-a-week (usually), where Allan Jenkins and I chat about communication and other stuff for about 20 minutes. Today’s summary: Are bloggers “weirdos” on the fringe of society. Well, why not? Lee and Allan ramble at length on self-expression & creativity, inspired […]

And will they have free wireless broadband? Will this become my new ‘home away from home’? Technorati : adelaide, starbucks

Chat #7 – Matt Simpson hijacks the cafe

by Lee Hopkins on June 22, 2006

in Uncategorized

… but a Hopkins-Jenkins conversation has never been successfully hijacked. Matt Simpson, soon-to-be graduate of Auburn University, drops in on Lee and Allan to throw out some questions about advertising and PR. Listen in to living proof that two old fogies can handle tough questioning with a fair amount of aplomb. Major topic: when celebrity […]

A few snippets from this morning’s chauffeur-driven limo trip to town: Donna Tocci shows how clueless and insensitive some petrol companies can be (“oh, really?” I hear you exclaim). In her post ‘Mobil on the Run? Not So Much‘ Donna tells of a less-than exemplary customer service attitude displayed not only by an employee, but […]

Memories, like the corners of my mind…

by Lee Hopkins on June 21, 2006 · 9 comments

in miscellaneous

Young master Neville Hobson has been thrashing the gears of my memory with a recent post of his. He was asking folks to share their favourite brand slogans (or promises) and he came up with a few that got my memory juices bubbling again… L’Oreal: “Because you’re worth it” Ronseal: “Does exactly what it says […]

[ Cross posted from The Adelaide Bookshelf ] My teenage stepson is named David, so I was half expecting a book about an army of teenagers that ransack bedrooms and lay waste pantries. Instead I am treated to a mind-stretching tour through the collapse of big business and big government ‘Goliaths’ as the countless millions […]