August 2006

Go, Emily, Go!

by Lee Hopkins on August 31, 2006 · 2 comments

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Proof, as Robert French says, that you CAN get a fun job in social media… Emily, a graduate prodigy of Robert’s at Auburn University, is on a 100-day road trip with two other girls guys(!), blogging and vlogging their way around. Watch out for YouTube success — here comes another Amanda Congdon, perhaps? Technorati : […]

Vidblog Thursday 31st August 2006

by Lee Hopkins on August 31, 2006 · 4 comments

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In today’s vidblog: Rubel appears on Rocketboom — mandatory watching for anyone interested on where this social media ‘thang’ is heading Kami Huyse (again?!) points us to For Immediate Release — no, not them, another lot, talking about ethics and rotten wood Allan Jenkins on the importance of employee communications over at Teenage boy […]

A picture says a thousand words

by Lee Hopkins on August 31, 2006 · 3 comments

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A friend recently asked why I concentrate so much effort on putting pictures on my blog posts. It is because, if done right, a picture can add an additional layer of nuance (and here and here) to the post. Which reminded me of that old saying that a picture paints a thousand words. Which is […]

Chat #17: Communication of services!

by Lee Hopkins on August 31, 2006

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[Scene in a hospital] Dr Jenkins: “Well, Hopkins, looks like that leg’s just going to have to come off!” Hopkins: “Whaa….??” Dr Jenkins: “Nurse! Hand me that bonesaw!” Hopkins: “Whaa….??” Dr Jenkins (humming): “Your ankle bone connected to your leg bone… your leg bone connected to your knee bone…your knee bone…”* Hopkins: “Whaa….??” Clearly, Patient […]

I‘ve been using the current beta of Outlook 2007 (which irregularly won’t send emails and crashes …grrrr) and subscribed to the cafe‘s and this blog’s feeds using its inbuilt rss feedcatcher. I set it, but forgot to regularly check it. I’ve just noticed that it downloads any attachments — so I have been downloading and […]

As part of my ongoing partnership with Ross Monaghan at Deakin Uni for his PR students, I am recording a series of interviews with business communicators on aspects of ‘internal’ or ’employee’ communications. I recently recorded an interview with Allan Jenkins and, like my interview with Stuart Symons from Santos, I believe it to be […]

If You Like Hoaxes

by Lee Hopkins on August 30, 2006

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Stephen Dubner over on the Freakonomics blog has a cracker of a post about hoaxes, which I love so much I’ll repost it in full here. … then you have to admit that this one is pretty good: sending a piece of bogus research material to a biographer whom you happen to hate. In this […]

Vidblog: Wednesday 30th August 2006

by Lee Hopkins on August 30, 2006 · 14 comments

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In today’s vidblog: Robert Scoble points off to a dog-friendly printing company, Printing for Less, that wins his ‘Favourite Company’ award Allan Jenkins’s blog is mentioned in the Your Code of Ethics blog as a model for other bloggers Podcasting News have a picture of Toshiba’s possible iPod-killer ‘Zune’ Donna Tocci on the importance of […]

Public Impact Seminar – 15th August

by Lee Hopkins on August 30, 2006

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Here’s a recording of the panel session that Ross Monaghan, Dr Collette Snowden and myself presented to a group of Marcomms folks in Adelaide last week. What was interesting was that despite it being billed for and pitched to PR practitioners, I don’t think there were any in the room — instead, there were comms […]

Employee comms as a strategy – dead yet?

by Lee Hopkins on August 29, 2006 · 4 comments

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Finally got some time to listen to FIR 166, with the Divine Miss H as co-compere. Shel weighed in with a comment about the reported death of employee comms which is a recurrent theme around the comms part of the blogosphere. I posted a comment to the show blog, but elaborated on it over at […]