Outlook 2007 and rss feeds – beware of multiple downloads

by Lee Hopkins on August 31, 2006 · 1 comment

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Office2007 beta I‘ve been using the current beta of Outlook 2007 (which irregularly won’t send emails and crashes …grrrr) and subscribed to the cafe‘s and this blog’s feeds using its inbuilt rss feedcatcher. I set it, but forgot to regularly check it.

I’ve just noticed that it downloads any attachments — so I have been downloading and saving into Outlook all the podcasts and vidblogs I’ve created. Cool!

Which means I can stop using GreatNews (which doesn’t link to the vidblog file but does to the podcasts) and just use Outlook. But I really love the ‘newspaper’ reading style of GreatNews so can’t see myself ditching it anytime soon. Plus GreatNews allows me to blog directly into Zoundry, my blog editor of choice.

Get Juice/iPodderBut this is one feature to watch if you don’t want to end up with multiple copies of chunky files on your system — I use Juice (formerly known as ‘iPodder‘) to retrieve podcasts and vidcasts; also using Outlook makes for rapidly-filled hard drives!

I wonder how much ‘bloat’ Outlook adds… that is, if I use Outlook to capture those vidblogs and podcast files, does it substantially blow out my .pst file, taking up more hard drive space than if I didn’t use Outlook but used iPodder?

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