Donna PepsiCola interrogated

by Lee Hopkins on September 8, 2006 · 4 comments

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Donna PepsiCola at work recording Trafcom News

That doyenne of Canadian Communication, the sublimely-tonsilled Donna Papacosta (aka ‘Donna PepsiCola’), was recently interrogated interviewed by yours truly.

Discussing the art and science of communicating to and with employees, Donna let slip never-before-revealed information that could, in the wrong hands, bring down governments. Or companies. Or the curtains on her career.

To find out more — and to squirm along in discomfort with her as I ruthlessly grill her to the point of tears — check out the interview over at Ross Monaghan’s TheMediaPod site.

Lee’s motto for interviews: “no stone unturned, no laundry unwashed, no pizza uneaten.”

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