Amy Gooen grilled to perfection

by Lee Hopkins on September 22, 2006

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Amy Gooen Not content with interviewing just a few internal communication folks, I have set myself the heroic quest of interviewing every internal/employee communicator in the world.

So, starting with the letter ‘A‘, here’s a fascinating interview with Amy Gooen, deputy head of global internal comms at Verisign.

In the interview she draws on her journalist beginnings and marcomms experiences and how they impact on 5,000 Verisign employees worldwide.

Find out why Amy believes good PR starts at home and how she coped when her husband threw her a copy of a business magazine with a damning report of her business unit at a previous company — and she had no idea the report was being written. She even has ‘inside’ knowledge of Southwest Airlines‘ employee comms material — her husband Eric is a pilot with them!

It’s a fantastic interview with a great communicator, and you can download the interview directly to your computer and listen, or if you want to catch all of the interviews, plus other interviews I conduct (such as with Isobel Redmond MP) then why not subscribe to my rss podcast feed and retrieve them in your podcatcher of choice (such as iTunes or Juice).

At just 27 minutes and 07 seconds long, and worksafe friendly, this interview’s a bargain!

It’s part of a series of interviews that I am compiling for Ross Monaghan’s site for PR students.

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