Catriona Byrne – interview with an Australian communicator par excellence

by Lee Hopkins on September 23, 2006

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Catriona Byrne

Okay, I missed ‘B‘ in the line-up, but that’s coming up shortly (Brad Bellaver kindly unhitched the horses from the wagons, put his Smith & Weston rifle away and, dagnabbit, chatted with me from deep in the bowels of his secret Wells Fargo location).

So until I edit Brad’s interview and publish it I am jumping ahead one letter and moving to ‘C‘.

Which means here’s a bloody fantastic interview with Catriona Byrne — ex-‘big cheese’ of internal communications at the Sydney 2000 Olympics, now a Director at SageCo.

She’s a wonderful friend, fantastic coffee companion, fabulous lunch partner and incredibly insightful into the ways, whys and wherefores of employee communications.

This interview lasts a scant 16 minutes and 49 seconds, as she had to race off to yet another meeting to share her passion for employee communications and the foolishness of companies who let their vast stores of knowledge (aka their more-senior, longer-serving staff) disappear without a trace, or without tapping into that phenomenal warehouse of insight and information.

You can download the interview directly to your computer and listen, or if you want to catch all of the interviews, plus other interviews I conduct then why not subscribe to my rss podcast feed and retrieve them in your podcatcher of choice (such as iTunes or Juice).

It’s part of a series of interviews that I am compiling for Ross Monaghan’s site for PR students.

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