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by Lee Hopkins on September 24, 2006 · 0 comments

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The inaugural BetterComms Spammers Name of Distinction award goes to... Normally my Outlook spam filter dumps all of my email spam into a folder which I routinely just Ctrl+A and delete.

But for some bizarre reason I found myself looking at the names of the spammers yesterday; just for something to do, I guess.

A couple of names stood out from the pack: Eccentricities L. Comparatively and Profusion I. Runs, but nothing beats this one, and so it therefore wins the inaugural BetterComms Spammers Name of Distinction:

Reprehensible B. Scuttlebut

Now that is a name I would be proud to have thought up!

Any names you have found in your spam folder that tickle your funny bone?

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