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2006 November

November 2006

Goodness, what do we call it: a vidblog? a vodcast? a vlog? Write your ideas on a sheet of paper, wrap them around a large brick and send them flying in my general direction… It’s boiling hot outside, hence an interior shot today, with the blinds drawn to keep the heat out. Today’s 7-minute soup […]

If you use a feed reader to keep up to date on your information gathering/research and I strongly suggest that: you do; and you use GreatNews, then after a while your feeds will become unmanageable and unwieldy, leading to lowered productivity, frustration and stress. I am a repeat offender/victim of this, so I devised a […]

New articles added to my main website

by Lee Hopkins on November 29, 2006

in miscellaneous

I recently added a stack of new articles to my main website, including: “Muzzling the motor mouths” by Bill Lampton “Does your marketing plan need changing?” by Joy Gendusa “Communication: who is in their right mind?” by Kevin Dwyer “Practice makes perfect: changing your communication habits one step at a time” by Judy Ringer; and […]

An interview with Peter Vogt

by Lee Hopkins on November 29, 2006

in Uncategorized

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Peter Vogt from eBay about internal communications. Peter is the Director of Internal Communications for eBay and is responsible for communicating with eBay’s 11,000+ employees, personally running a team of 16 communicators worldwide. eBay stole him from Microsoft, where he was the Head of Internal Communications worldwide. eBay […]

Melcrum have just released a new report on Employee Segmentation, featuring such luminaries as Angela Sinickas, Carol Kinsey Goman and Shel Holtz. In the full report you can read case studies on AstraZeneca: Segmenting at a global level Dow Corning: A four-quadrant approach to segmentation Avaya: Segmenting by hierarchy and geography Royal Bank of Scotland: […]

Call me ‘thick’, but I am finding it hard to imagine how bomb-sniffing bees could be of much value. Consider this. The ABC report says: The scientists used Pavlovian techniques on the bees’ natural response to nectar, a sticking out of their tongue, or proboscis extension reflex. By rewarding them with sugar water, the scientists […]

News reaches me from the ABC that one of our television stations has sacked one of its long-serving and popular presenters, just after she returned from maternity leave. And they did it by email! Nice touch. After 14 years at the network, Tracey Spicer joins a growing list of female presenters who are past the […]

What happens when you marry high-quality advertising photography with ascerbic, cheeky copy? You potentially get a series of award winning ads. The print ads for New Zealand’s 42Below vodka are gorgeous — but it is the sublime copy that goes with the sublime images that make them so brilliant. As we antipodeans are often noted […]

One of my favourite ‘reads’, Andrea Weckerle (rhymes with ‘ski’) heads off this week for pastures European (albeit not without some drama before even leaving the ground). So, while I’m over there, I plan on taking lots of photographs, hopefully visiting an art gallery or two (yes, for work), and talking to as many people […]

Zoundry templates

by Lee Hopkins on November 28, 2006

in Uncategorized

Regular readers of this blog will know that I use Zoundry as my offline blog editor of choice. It was not an easy decision to reach, especially as it meant jettisoning my beloved RocketPost, but it had to be done . Curiously, I have always kept on trying to get RocketPost to work, seeing as […]