David Jones from MBF on employee communication

by Lee Hopkins on November 13, 2006 · 4 comments

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David Jones, MBFI was extremely fortunate to recently interview David Jones, MBF’s Head of Public Affairs.

MBF is Australia’s largest privately-owned health insurer, second in market share to the Government-owned Medibank Private.

Ross Monaghan over at the Deakin University PR pod/blog, themediapod.net, has just published the interview — and what a cracker of an interview it is, too!

“Gone are the days when the media paid little attention to what happened inside the corporate world,” David said.

“Generally (in the past) the media thrived on a diet of crime and politics, but business was always left to the back of the paper. But more and more, the business world is now under scrutiny from the media.

“You can have a major development happening within a company, but unless you get your internal communication right, you could wake up with the problem of your staff are reading about major developments in their company in the morning newspaper rather than hearing it first from managers within their own company.”

A great interview with someone who has been at the ‘sharp’ end of communication for decades; it is at your peril if you choose not to listen to this great communicator and his wise insights.

Download the podcast now, or visit themediapod.net to see Ross’ great review of the interview — and whilst there catch up with some of the other fantastic interviews on Ross’ site.

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