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by Lee Hopkins on November 28, 2006

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Zoundry is the cat's pyjamasRegular readers of this blog will know that I use Zoundry as my offline blog editor of choice. It was not an easy decision to reach, especially as it meant jettisoning my beloved RocketPost, but it had to be done .

Curiously, I have always kept on trying to get RocketPost to work, seeing as its featureset is my dream editor. But I could never get it to work properly — it would always crash and lose the post I was working on.

Recently RocketPost has started to work again, allowing me to write the last dozen or so posts. Yippee, you would think.

But I have made the decision to stay with Zoundry and continue to use it as my ‘offline editor of choice’ because I have just found the answer to one of my ‘niggles’ with Zoundry.

Zoundry allows you to preview your post, to see what it would look like on your blog. However, the feature was originally created for ‘blogger’ (i.e. blogspot.com) accounts. Later on Zoundry added the ability for Typepad users to copy their template across, but we WordPress bloggers just had to miss out. Which was frustrating because I had no way of figuring if an image was too large to be used in the format I envisaged (e.g. right-aligned instead of as a banner across the top of the post).

But a recent ‘find’ by me on the Zoundry support forum has helped me configure my WordPress blog so that I can preview my posts — and I am absolutely ecstatic!

A quick bit of editing of the html code to get rid of a stack of stuff in my right-hand nav bar and my ‘Preview’ view works a treat. Add to that Zoundry’s integration with my beloved ‘GreatNews‘ feed reader (so that I can blog about a post I read in ‘GreatNews’ straight away) and I’m as happy as a happy person.

That’s why I am sticking with Zoundry — because it works each time, every time.

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