YouTube now part of the mainstream media — including for race hate content

by Lee Hopkins on January 26, 2007

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Bad PR can come in many shapes, sizes and from many directions

Much as the world wide web (www) has a ‘dark side’ of paedophilia, pornography and hate sites, so too does YouTube.

The sensationalist elements of the Australian msm are currently reporting a hate video circulating amongst the muslim community that aims to stir things up a bit.

Whilst YouTube have apparently removed the video, the recent ‘rumpy-pumpy’ video of Daniela Cicarelli has shown that trying to ‘hide’ something is equivalent to trying to hold water in your hands. No matter how hard you try, whatever you are trying to contain will leak through natural holes.

So too with this hate video, created in a style of North American black rapper gangs but aimed purely at Sydney white non-muslims, and amongst many things celebrating the achievements of a muslim serial rapist. It will circulate on other websites, it will circulate on mobile phones, it will circulate on private ftp sites and dvds, no matter how much the government of the day and the muslim community leaders might want to shut it down.

These new communication channels, no matter how much we might like to think we will be able to contain and control them, repeatedly show us all that ‘contain and control’ of messages is no longer a reality.

Our reality, as business communicators, is that the messages we most don’t want to see will absolutely positively be out there. Somewhere. If not today, then tomorrow. And they will spread. Rapidly.

How we choose to cope with that reality, versus putting our heads in the sand and pretending that such messages don’t exist amongst ‘the people that matter’, is the measure of our maturity.

We may choose to not openly respond at the moment to anything we don’t want to see about our company or ourselves, but we absolutely must decide now what our response will and must be should something escalate into a crisis.

Have YOU figured out what crisis communications you will need to enact this time next week? Next month? Will it be the same response in a year’s time? Will it be the same threat? What will you do if your CEO is injured in a car accident? Or your CFO? Or your accounts processors on a team day out in a hired bus? Or your investment team invests in a company that is picked up by ’60 Minutes’ for a very public whipping, dragging your company along with it?

If you want a hand creating a crisis communication plan, give me a call — +61 (0)410 642 052 — or drop me a line

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