I’m 36, apparently

by Lee Hopkins on April 13, 2007

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I'm 36!
Thirty-six, that is, in the Top 100 Aussie blogs listing compiled by motivational author and speaker Craig Harper.

You’ll have to visit his site and scroll a fair way down the page, keeping your eyes peeled to the right-hand nav bar. Under the picture of Albert Einstein you’ll find a table listing the Top 100.

What surprises me are a few things:

  1. Trevor's at 71 -- eh??!!??I rank higher than Trevor Cook. Trevor has a larger audience and more subscribers than me, he posts more often, he’s been reclining on the aussie futon of antipodean conversation for longer… Something smells fishy…
  2. I rank only just slightly behind Duncan Riley, the uberblogger from the West, which is flattering but I am surprised
  3. No mention is made of PerthNorg (perhaps Craig doesn’t know it exists — better get onto that, Bronwen. Email him: craig@craigharper.com.au?subject=U.A.B – Feedback)
  4. I rank higher than Craig himself (he’s one position down from me — 37)

The numbers on the right of the chart indicate Technorati ranking.

Paull is at 62Tip of the Akubra to Paull Young (currently reclining at number 62) who pointed me at Duncan’s post on this.

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