Barzakh by Anouar Brahem

by Lee Hopkins on April 26, 2007 · 2 comments

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I‘m already two days late with a 2,500 word literature review of a major part of the academic ‘communications’ literature over the past decade, having seriously underestimated the amount of work required to complete a literature review (my first major assignment at doctoral level).

Sleep is not my trusty companion at the moment.

I have avoided turning on my Twitter engine (Twitteroo) and stayed away from non-uni email, there’s no rss feedreader letting me see what my friends and industry are saying, but I just had to share this with you.

For the last week and a half I have had Barzakh running non-stop on my iPod, via my ears and through my home stereo. For me it is the most sublime ‘music for research’.

Barzakh by Anouar Brahem

When I was an undergraduate (ten years ago) I used to high-rotate albums like Brian Eno’s Neroli and Ambient 4: On Land, as well as the Apex Twin’s Select Ambient Works, Volume 2 and Michael Brook’s Cobalt Blue. I also created my own ‘mixture’ collection, called ‘Music for Reading’ – see the track listing below.

I still have them on in the background now that I am ‘doctorate-ing’, but Anouar Brahem’s Barzakh is now my music of choice for study. According to Wikipedia,

Barzakh (Arabic: ????) is the word for the term of life after death in which the soul of the deceased is transferred across the boundaries of the mortal realm into the spirit world and into a kind of “cold sleep” where the soul will rest until the Qiyamah (Judgement Day). It is a term referred to in Islamic eschatology and the Qur’an.

Thank you to Matthew at the Royal Adelaide Hospital for putting me onto such an amazing album. Barzakh: Music: Anouar Brahem
Visit this Amazon page and you can even listen to samples of each track. If you study at home and like something on in the background that is unobtrusive, might I suggest this album.

Now, back to content analysis and this literature review… See you in another four or five days.

Oh, and it’s finally raining here in the glorious Adelaide Hills — perhaps we won’t need to buy in more water after all this year. The light drizzle may last long enough to actually tide us over until the winter rains come in earnest in a couple of month’s time.

‘Music for Reading’ (retitled Somnabulists’ Soiree on my iPod):

  • art of noise – moments in love
  • brian eno – zawinul lava
  • the cure – all cats are grey
  • david sylvian – brilliant trees
  • giorgio moroder – bring the prod (cat people soundtrack)
  • japan – voices raised in welcome, hands raised in prayer
  • jean-michel jarre – souvenir of china
  • romeo void – going to neon
  • ruichi sakamoto – a hearty breakfast
  • ruichi sakamoto – merry christmas mr lawrence
  • tears for fears – pharoahs
  • tears for fears – the body wah
  • vangelis – himalaya

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  • Andrea Weckerle

    Yes, you’ve been missing out on lots of great insights on Twitter. Be sure to go back and review when you have the time.

  • Andrea Weckerle

    Yes, you’ve been missing out on lots of great insights on Twitter. Be sure to go back and review when you have the time.

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