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2007 May

May 2007

links for 2007-05-31

by Lee Hopkins on May 31, 2007

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Video: Wikis in Plain English | Common Craft – Social Design for the Web Lee LeFever does it again: a superb video that explains what a wiki is. Hat-tip to Shel for pointing it out (tags: howto socialmedia wiki video tutorial)

What’s news today: 31/5/07

by Lee Hopkins on May 31, 2007

in second life

Business students at Iowa State University can experience performing US$2 million worth of daily transactions. Brian Mennecke, an ISU associate professor and dean’s faculty fellow in management information systems, uses Second Life to engage students in hands-on learning. For Mennecke’s electronic commerce strategy course this past semester, students set up free Second Life accounts to […]

links for 2007-05-30

by Lee Hopkins on May 30, 2007 · 2 comments

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How Second Life transformed a man and a marriage Anya Ixchel aka Angela Thomas is a lecturer in English Education in Australia. She interviews a couple on how their ‘real life’ marriage (on the rocks) was saved by Second Life (“he grew up”). See? SL is not JUST for sad men sitting in their underwear… […]

Marketing Martini rocks!

by Lee Hopkins on May 30, 2007 · 4 comments

in marketing

In the last couple of days I have created the space to catch up on some podcasts. Top of my list of ‘must listen to’s — after FIR — is Bill Sweetman’s Marketing Martini, principally because Bill shares my passion for online marketing. Here’s a brief list of his recent podcast issues: Martini 017: Listener […]

There’s a new article over on my main article site: The Mathematics of Persuasive Communication by Philip Yaffe (link opens in new window). It’s a great read — enjoy! Technorati : philip yaffe Powered by Zoundry

Melcrum have just emailed me with a quick and dirty ‘5 easy steps to launch a blog’ as a subtle way of advertising their new report, “How to use social media to engage employees“. Nothing in it that you won’t find in my rather more in-detail post about blogging for beginners, but what IS interesting […]

Today’s Second Life news

by Lee Hopkins on May 30, 2007

in second life

Cross posted from my Second Life blog And hot off the press today: The Money Programme will be the first [Ed: are you sure?] BBC Television programme broadcast in virtual online world Second Life. Reporter Max Flint and his spiky-haired alter-ego, MP Masala, travel deep into cyberspace to meet its virtual entrepreneurs, and find out […]

Google, source of all wisdom online, has recently granted Ted Demopoulos the ‘honour’ of #1 status as ‘dull person.’ Yes, a Google of “dull person”, returns Ted’s blog as the #1 hit. Maybe there is a market for dull? Maybe Ted’s next book should be “Dullness for Business” or “What No One Ever Tells You […]

Today’s Second Life news

by Lee Hopkins on May 29, 2007

in second life

The news du jour on all things Second Life: A building boom is under way in Wellington as 60 architects from around the world vie to build their dream house, but this time Reserve Bank governor Allan Bollard need not fear. There’s money to be made in Second Life’s online reality, where everyone is a […]

A new service has just launched and it’s (again) an Australian invention. I say ‘again’ because research has shown that whilst North Americans were faster on the uptake with Web1.0, we Aussies (per head of population) are more likely to upload to Flickr, YouTube and post/comnment in blogs. But that is all as an aside […]