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2007 June — Page 2

June 2007

links for 2007-06-16

by Lee Hopkins on June 16, 2007

in clippings

Alaskan Librarian: Aussie explains Facebook, Copyright Issues Dan Dan the Librarian Man posts complementary copy about my Facebook mega-post (tags: facebook) Millionaire Dating – Wealthy Men & Beautiful Singles Online Dating Personals For the single, wealthy and beautiful communicators among us…Heidi M and Andrea W spring immediately to mind (tags: dating)

Facebook has come out of nowhere to be the current ‘darling’ application of the Web2.0 world. For those of you (including me!) who have been astonished by Facebook‘s growth and popularity, allow me to give a bit of an insight into what, why and therefore how it can be of value to we business communicators. Background […]

How DARE you infringe on my oligopoly!

by Lee Hopkins on June 16, 2007 · 4 comments

in miscellaneous

All in all a great review of a book that is important to read, if only because it shows how far down the road we have come on our travels towards democratic right to free speech, the right to congregate and the right to bear arms (verbal arms, that is. There is a jolly good reason why some bloggers are known as the ‘PyjamaHadeen’).

Tri-fold brochures – I still hate them

by Lee Hopkins on June 14, 2007 · 6 comments

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Courtesy of a link via Mary Schmidt, Mary Ellen Merrigan over at the ProfitMeister blog highlights how the ubiquitous 3-fold brochure is changing, mostly as a result of Web1.0 websites. I still think that 3-fold brochures are a waste of time as they make you look so ‘small’ and ‘amateur’, but I concede that they […]

Trevor hits 1,000

by Lee Hopkins on June 14, 2007

in miscellaneous

Good on’yer mate! I managed to sneak past the 700-mark yesterday, but didn’t SnagIt before it dropped back to the sixes again. May your flowers continue to bloom in your garden, my friend. Technorati tags: trevor cook

Really liking new Live Writer

by Lee Hopkins on June 13, 2007

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Technorati tags: dan york, zoundry, live writer Regular readers of this blog will remember that I try different blog editors out, comparing them with my chosen editor Zoundry. I have tried Windows Live Writer before (about 12 months ago) and found it lacking — mostly around image handling. I’ve been trying it again and have […]

And in a packed video podcast, you will find out: That Vidcaster doesn’t get a “two thumbs waaaaay up!” from me That Dave has written a brilliant ’25 Steps to get your life back on track’ post, but blimmin’ Typepad doesn’t allow you to print it (Grrrrr!) That airport infrared cameras can capture the sights, […]

links for 2007-06-12

by Lee Hopkins on June 12, 2007

in clippings

David Finch: 25 Ways to Change Your Life Number three is always hard for me, as I am a workaholic and my protestant work ethic shudders at the thought of ‘playing’… Great list, Dave! (tags: davidfinch) mediabistro.com: TVNewser: Think about what ISN’T covered Is anyone else sick of the weird amount of coverage Ms Hilton […]

Thanks to the wisdom of many, I have narrowed down my choices for an instant start machine. I can either run a version of linux (Puppy Linux looks really good) or else purchase a bluetooth keyboard and mouse for my Dell PDA (the iGo keyboard and mouse look good). My Dell PDA is a slow-starter, […]

85 major brands in SL, says Kzero

by Lee Hopkins on June 11, 2007

in second life

cross-posted from my Second Life blog According to UK end-to-end consultancy Kzero, as at the end of May there were 85 major brands in Second Life. What I find interesting is the sector mix of brands represented — not just technology and media (the ‘usual suspects’), but also professional services, tourism and travel, sports and […]