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2007 July

July 2007

The Annual Pig and Pussy Hunt has commenced

by Lee Hopkins on July 31, 2007

in Uncategorized

For those not au fait with legendary Australian pastimes, you may be delighted to know that the annual ‘Pig and Pussy Hunt’ started yesterday. Just 200 kilometres south of Darwin lies the sleeply hamlet of Pine Creek, wherein you will now find we manly types out there with shotguns and rifles at the ready, our […]

Mobiles need web love too!

by Lee Hopkins on July 31, 2007 · 2 comments

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One of the delights of this new media-with-everything world is that I can connect with the world just about anywhere, anytime. My beloved Dell X51 pda has now given way to my Hiptop3 and I’m delighted to be carrying one less piece of tech with me wherever I go. But my frustration with web developers […]

The era of the Vanishing Context

by Lee Hopkins on July 30, 2007 · 6 comments

in miscellaneous

“Johnson!” barked the bulldog-like senior manager, “Get in here NOW!” But Johnson failed to appear. “JOHNSON!” screamed the bulldog. Still no appearance of the missing subordinate. ————- Who immediately feels some sort of pity for Johnson? Who feels some form of anger towards the bulldog-like manager? Why? You don’t know the context. For all you […]

links for 2007-07-25

by Lee Hopkins on July 25, 2007

in clippings

Australia’s audiovisual heritage online You can view clips from Australian feature films, documentaries, TV programs, shorts, home movies, newsreels, advertisements, other historical footage, and sponsored films produced over the last 100 years. Yummy! (tags: australia media online teaching tv video web2.0 abc Film resources Culture History movies) The SL backlash on Wired Interesting points cogently […]

I confess — I am a boy in a man’s body. Okay, Mrs BetterComms will argue I am a boy in a very LARGE man’s body, a man much in need of exercise. But I digress… I remember when I was working at LineOne in London and used to catch a bus that crossed the […]

Just Bar is just the dog’s

by Lee Hopkins on July 25, 2007 · 2 comments

in miscellaneous

The dog’s, in case you have forgotten, is short for “dog’s bollocks”, the highest praise you can give anyone or anything. ‘Just Bar’, in Como, is the dog’s. Unbelievable!! I can’t even begin to describe how fabulous the food is here, but the lovely waitress Sarah has just brought me a cappuccino, which has REAL liquid […]

The Facebook Effect

by Lee Hopkins on July 24, 2007

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Quantcast has released findings on what it calls “The Facebook Effect.” In an analysis of leading publishers, Quantcast found a common dramatic increase in traffic for those publishers that have built and deployed widgets (‘applications’) on the Facebook platform. “Just six weeks into Facebook’s open platform initiative, we are seeing striking results,” said Konrad Feldman, […]

Two of my favourite Canadians, Douglas Johnston and his wife Jennifer Pohl have, according to Doug’s Facebook entry, ended their relationship. Say it isn’t so, guys!!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let this be the sort of mistake that Loic Le Meur and Doreen Caravajal found so amusing yesterday. Technorati tags: douglas johnston, jennifer pohl

Blog 1000 Club

by Lee Hopkins on July 24, 2007

in miscellaneous

Fellow Adelaidian uber-blogger Shai Coggins has created a Club for bloggers who have reached the 1,000 post milestone. If you’ve reached the milestone, nip over to Shai’s blog and hassle her for a button… Technorati tags: shai coggins, blog1000

Best Blogger Awards

by Lee Hopkins on July 24, 2007 · 4 comments

in miscellaneous

G osh! I’ve been contacted by Chris Abraham and have been nominated for the Bloggers’ Choice Awards in the Best Video Category. Since my competition includes folks like ZeFrank and the Ninja, I don’t seriously rate my chances, but it was nice to be ‘found’ and included… Technorati tags: chris abraham, bloggers choice awards, ze […]