Just Bar is just the dog’s

by Lee Hopkins on July 25, 2007 · 2 comments

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The dog’s, in case you have forgotten, is short for “dog’s bollocks”, the highest praise you can give anyone or anything.

‘Just Bar’, in Como, is the dog’s. Unbelievable!!

I can’t even begin to describe how fabulous the food is here, but the lovely waitress Sarah has just brought me a cappuccino, which has REAL liquid chocolate dripped on top, as well as the obligatory chocolate powder.

The food? Okay, let me transcribe what Charles, the owner, made for me out of compassion (I had flown from Adelaide, slept on the plane and missed my food. Actually, I try and avoid eating on planes because it just bloats me and causes massive indigestion).

The food:

  • Barramundi Escabeche
  • Red Persian Lentils with silverbeet, accompanied with Zata flatbread
  • Estrurian Smoked Pork and Butterbean Stew

all washed down with a gorgeous NZ chardonnay.

Bloody amazing!

20 Preston St, Como, is the place — Tel: 9474 1977. The sign outside the bar says ‘Just Espresso’ but will be changed shortly to ‘Just Bar’.

Tell Charles that the mad Adelaide blogger sent you!


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  • Brad

    This place is awsome! Amazing Coffee

  • Brad

    This place is awsome! Amazing Coffee

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