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2007 July — Page 2

July 2007

Today is an iPod-ish sort of day, for reasons I cannot divulge on this blog without putting scores of lives at risk and undermining the security of two nations. So content yourself with the following: 1. Fly high with your iPod – that wonderful blogger Amit Agarwal reports on a deal that Apple has inked […]

Enchantment takes effort

by Lee Hopkins on July 23, 2007 · 6 comments

in miscellaneous

There are three noticeable stages around joining the Social Media/Web2.0 conversation: mystery, disappointment and enchantment. Let us look at each in turn:  Before someone joins for the first time, there is the element of mystery, of a party or barbeque that sounds like it is really ‘cooking’ but to which one is not invited. Those who have not […]

links for 2007-07-20

by Lee Hopkins on July 20, 2007

in clippings

Chinese actress the most widely read blogger in the world Chinese actress-turned-director Xu Jinglei became the world’s most widely read blogger this month when her blog logged 100 million page views within about 600 days, the Beijing News reports. (tags: blogging) Web Worker Daily » Blog Archive How to Do Email and RSS Just Once […]

Update on my email and spam issues

by Lee Hopkins on July 20, 2007

in Uncategorized

Well, blow me down! A combination of SpamArrest (suggested to me by Bill Sweetman) and applying a spam filter on my email server has reduced my ‘unessential’ emails to a mere trickle. Yippee! Here’s what I’m currently doing: 1. Lee@LeeHopkins.net remains my email account that the world knows about. It has SpamArrest on it, and […]

The march towards my goal of having 250 articles about business communication over on my LeeHopkins.com article website continues unabated. I’ve just added another ten articles on web design – if you nip over there you can pick up a free copy of an audio report I commissioned about web design and what it can […]

Things to do in SL when you’re bored

by Lee Hopkins on July 20, 2007

in miscellaneous

  1. Visit Ancient Rome! The ROMA sim is beautiful, with a ton of cool stuff to explore, and things to see and do. So don your virtual toga’s and head on over to this landmark. Hat-tip Metaverse   2. Get lost in one of Second Life’s oddest structures, the Q Maze. Its not easy to describe, […]

Shift happens

by Lee Hopkins on July 20, 2007

in miscellaneous

Did You Know? 2.0 – video powered by Metacafe Hat-tip to Amit

My bearded and astute friend and colleague Dan York has once again entered into a discussion about Facebook and its nature as a ‘walled garden’. A ‘walled garden’ is an internet site where content goes in but it never comes out; aka ‘Google can’t search it’. If you are a Facebook user, are you aware that […]

Calling all Adelaide Second Lifers…

by Lee Hopkins on July 18, 2007

in second life

I had a great meeting with Lauren Novak today. Lauren is a journo with the Sunday Mail and is putting together a feature on Second Life, so I’ve been helping her get some background info, plus boring her with my own research stuff. Lauren would love to hear from any Adelaidian Second Lifers, with a […]

How right was McLuhan? “As big as the planet and as small as the village post office.” Courtesy of David Brain (CEO of Edelman Europe) and YouTube comes a great video of ‘The Man’ talking about the Global Village. Steve Rubel talks today about how strategists need to focus on the strategy, not the channel […]