The Story of the Talking Web2.0 Monkey

by Lee Hopkins on August 29, 2007

in marketing


Here’s my bet:

I bet that a monkey could take the flash cards I’ve just created, put them in front of a client or your manager and see their eyes light up when he or she reads them and ‘gets it’.


The only condition is that the monkey needs to be able to speak.

So let’s imagine that you’ve got a speaking monkey (every pet shop sells them) and you take the monkey into your manager’s office, having booked a half-hour with them first.

You casually drop a cd case of flash cards face up onto the manager’s desk; the title of the pack says it all: ‘Social Media in a Flash (set of cards)’

The monkey opens up the cd case, takes out a card — any card — and lays it out in front of the manager. In this instance, the card the monkey has chosen says ‘Life-enhancing’ and has a picture of two Chinese-style balls on it.

life enhancing 


And that’s all it says.

“So what?” says the confused manager.

And this is where you’ll need to hop on over to my main website to read the full story.

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