August 2007

Quote of the day

by Lee Hopkins on August 27, 2007 · 6 comments

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  Be yourself, because everyone else is already taken Mitch Joel – Podcamp Boston Man, I really look forward to meeting him one day! Mitch with another gem of advice about how to ‘do’ this social media/web2.0 stuff… Technorati tags: mitch joel

Melbourne & Sydney – here I come!

by Lee Hopkins on August 27, 2007

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The incredibly lovely and incredibly wise Justine Atkinson from Melcrum has just finished putting the final flourishes to the two-day workshops I am presenting in the fair cities of Melbourne and Sydney later this year. Entitled ‘Social Media Workshop for Communicators – Integrating social media into your communication strategy’ the workshop is jam-packed with goodness for business […]

My ol’ mate Gerry ‘Pacemaker’ McCusker is over in blighty at the moment (the UK for those unsure of what ‘blighty’ stands for). There is a report available from Ofcom, the government body that oversees all digital communication/broadcasting within the UK, and Gerry provides a nicely succinct precis of it on his PR Disasters blog. To […]

Web2.0 explained without the spoken word

by Lee Hopkins on August 22, 2007 · 3 comments

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and in just under 5 minutes. Digital Ethnography has never been so beautifully explained. Hat tip to the creator, Mike Wesch from Kansas State University. Technorati Tags: digital ethnography, web2.0, mike wesch, culture, digital, video, virtuality

Broadband hype versus reality

by Lee Hopkins on August 22, 2007 · 4 comments

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M y fellow Adelaidian Social Mediarist (that sounds terribly posh, doesn’t it? ), Kerry Lorette Johnson, asked a great question over on Facebook: If cars were promoted and sold like broadband – what would the promises vs. the reality look like? My answer: A Ferrari with a extremely hot brunette draped over the bonnet with […]

links for 2007-08-21

by Lee Hopkins on August 21, 2007

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Go ahead, post that dumb video online, you could get some work – “The guy who was buying his coffees with nickels and dimes in 2003 and having beans on toast for lunch is very thankful,” he says. “The Web is great. The single greatest distraction from employment is also the single greatest enabler […]

New presentations on Social Media

by Lee Hopkins on August 21, 2007 · 5 comments

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Please help yourself to two pdfs of presentations I recently gave to the PRIA State Conference in WA and a large Financial Services company. Click on the images to download the pdfs (both links open a new browser window) PRIA State Conference – WA Financial Services company     Please note that the videos that were also part […]

Light blogging ahead

by Lee Hopkins on August 20, 2007

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  Well, I’m back from the snow — and still alive to prove it! But I will be quieter than normal for the next fortnight because your humble scribe has: lots of reading to be done for the Doctorate several intense client meetings to prepare for a Google AdWords workshop to run a 10,000 word ‘Introduction’ […]

Kathy Sierra is back blogging! The world is once more a happier, shinier, newer, more fragrant place. Oh, how I missed her! Hat tip to Neville. And with that, I’m off to the snow — see you in a week! Technorati tags: kathy sierra, neville hobson

Digital Content Guru? Apply here…

by Lee Hopkins on August 13, 2007 · 2 comments

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You are a MySpace original and an IM addict. You feel naked without a phone or a handycam. You can’t remember a time when you weren’t tweeting. Yes, you were born with a microchip in your mouth, and now it’s part of everything you think, say or do. Hill & Knowlton, one of the world’s […]