Holy Dynamic Dolphins, Batman!

by Lee Hopkins on September 25, 2007 · 3 comments

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The very kind Ben Hamilton has informed me that his company that hosts* this very blog, my Second Life research blog and the Comms Cafe have had a change in business arrangements.

To wit: Dynamic Web Hosting recently became part of the Dolphin Technology Group and henceforth will be known as Dolphin Web Hosting (DWH).

Dolphin Web hosting (DWH) is a subsidiary of the Dolphin Technology Group Pty Ltd. Dolphin Technology Group is a Brisbane based company with a broad background in IT services.

Two of the original founders of Dynamic Web Hosting, Ben Hamilton and Nathaniel Jacobson, continue to maintain a shareholding in Dolphin Web Hosting and are Directors.

Why did this happen? Dolphin Technology Group foresaw an upcoming need for Application and Server hosting and hosted disaster-recovery facilities and services for its professional clients.

Given Dynamic Webhosting’s existing experience and infrastructure being a good fit, Dolphin’s offer to invest in the expansion and service restructure at Dynamic made sense. As a combined company all client groups would gain access to a more diverse range of products whilst experiencing higher quality services and faster response times into the future.

What is changing? Here are some of the significant changes underway:

  • Access to dedicated help desk support via local-call 1300 number.
  • Senior Engineers on-hand for complex issue resolution
  • New remote support facilities available
  • Improved process for client communication and issue escalation
  • Increase telephone access for issue resolution
  • Upgrades to existing server infrastructure using IBM technologies
  • Expand Linux & Windows server infrastructure locally
  • Provide dedicated Virtual Private Server options
  • Provide Physical Server hosting options (E.G SBS 2003/Exchange/SQL/Terminal servers/Linux servers).
  • Offer ASP services (hosted applications services)
  • Increase the range of development tools available

I can highly recommend this new venture, as I have received great support from Ben’s company and have no doubt that this new combined offering will continue to rank highly in my estimation.

If you are looking for a great host for your blog or traditional website, give them a call on 1300 88 41 48 or else drop by their site and sign up for an account immediately.

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* for free, I hasten to add, for which I am exceptionally flattered and grateful!

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