Australia 4th in 3D virtual world takeup

by Lee Hopkins on September 27, 2007

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penny-cazalet-reporterAccording to the stats recently released, Australia ranks in the Top 5 of SL users compared to their nation’s actual population, higher than the US.

– The Netherlands 0.10%
– Denmark 0.08%
– Portugal 0.07%
– Australia 0.07%
– United Kingdom 0.06%

Hat tip to Wagner James Au

Also of interest is the latest sign-up stats from Second Life Insider.

On Wednesday 26th Sept:

  • 15,766 new signups bringing us to 9,720,894 signups total.
  • Signup rates are relatively steady at approximately 44 days per million.
  • Spent US$1,037,000 at an exchange rate of L$267 to US$1
  • Exchanged US$193,000 at an average of US$8,100.0 per hour.


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