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Pay it forward.

A simple enough statement and a well-meaning trite statement we can all roll out of our mouths when the mood hits.

But when you are giving away a course in copywriting that has the approval of Ted Nicholas–yes, THE Ted Nicholas–then you are doing something more than just talking out of your derriere.

Trevor Crook (no, not the bloke in Sydney; that Trevor is a ‘Cook’) is an Aussie-flavoured chap living in LA (we forgive and pity him).

He is a copywriter of some skill and he has decided to give his $200 course away for… nothing.

Nil. Zip. Zero dollars. Bugger all.

WTF? Why? 

As Trevor himself says, giving without any expectations of getting back in return is as rare as hen’s teeth.

Says Trevor,

My Favor To YOU . . .I Want to Give YOU My Copywriting Blueprint Formula and I Urge YOU  . . . as the Recipient . . . to Give My Favor to at Least 3 People in the Next 24 hours.

Writing sizzling sales copy is a science of proven, yet simple formulas – not something pulled out of a cereal box and certainly not rocket science to implement either.

If you want to give it to thousands of people or more . . . you have my permission too.

When I did the original teleseminars for these, people paid $97 just to listen and the feedback after the 10 one hour sessions was crystal clear . . . it was too cheap.

These same 10 hours form the basis for my highly successful ‘magic words sell’ package which sells for $197.

Now, lest you feel that this is just another hype merchant using too many highlighted phrases, CAPITAL LETTERS and Bold Words Starting In Caps to make you hyper-excited (we Aussies are a cynical bunch that don’t fall for all that crap, after all), let me assure you that I have listened to Trevor’s audio files.

Blimey, they’re good!

But forget what I might think about them. Truly.

The mark of how good they are is captured in a private Facebook discussion I had with Trevor (reproduced without his permission):

Lee Hopkins


You bastard!
I would kill my own… my own… mySELF! to attend one of his seminars!

I have a bootlegged Nightingale-Conant tape-set of his from 15 years ago that I cherish and have played to near tape-snap.

I have several of his books, too! (If you ever want to borrow them, no probls)

Trevor ‘toecracker’ Crook


lol . . . yeah, I still sort of pinch myself that the legend himself actually offered to speak at my event, knowing it was a small workshop and not a big seminar. He’s a truly wonderful man with a beautiful, caring wife.

The dvd’s from the event are mind blowing. I am going through all 23 bloody hours of the edited footage to write the sales letter.

When Ted himself says the home study course will sell forever . . . then it must have impressed even him. It’s ready to go, once I finish the copy.


As Trevor goes on to explain on his website,

It begins with me doing a favor for you . . . WITHOUT any expectation of being paid back. What I request of you as the recipient of my favor . . . is for you to  do the same for someone else: ideally for three other people.

YOU can do this for as many people as you desire with my permission. Remember the more you give the more you get back under the “Law Of Reciprocation”.

My unconditional favor is simple.

1 Million People in 30 Days

Help me change the world for a minimum of one million entrepreneurs in the next 30 days . . . by Paying Forward My Copywriting Blueprint Gift to 3 more people . . . or as many as you desire in the next 24 hours and get them to pay it forward to 3 more people or more. 

I am sure you know more than 3 people who want to increase sales and profits. Crikey . . . if you know 10,000 people who would benefit from my FREE gift worth a genuine $197 . . . then just pay it forward to all of them!

Which is what I am doing.

I have the 10 audio files on my trusty iPod and I’m working my way through them.

I suggest you do the same.

Visit Trevor’s website, sign up and download and listen.

They have the Ted Nicholas ‘seal of approval’, after all!


p.s. Don’t know who Ted Nicholas is? Well, without becoming a blubbering mess, let me just say that he is the direct marketer and copywriter that the whole copywriting world looks to and bows down before. There is no better, honestly.

You might see various names banded about as ‘this’ and ‘that’ hero and mega-million selling copywriter, but Ted eclipses them all by a factor of at least 10.

There IS no greater copywriter, alive or dead, than Ted. Trust me, I’ve studied them all.

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