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by Lee Hopkins on October 27, 2007

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My NZ colleague and all-round good guy Simon Young was delighted when I recently posted about ‘Gen C’.

It turns out that Simon is involved with Looksy.org, an idea portal for all things Gen C.

Wandering through their blog, as one is apt to do, I stumbled across a few juicy quotes:

“The typical kid today “has always been online,” and “has never known a world without digital phones.” Because of that, he a worldwide social network; his “best friend may be Chinese,” the report says. “Teens are creating new forms of social behavior that blur the distinction between online and real-world interactions — and largely ignore the difference between the two.” The dual life is “creating a whole new language.” The presentation warns recruiters that they’re liable to experience more than “just a generation gap” with today’s kids. To older military types, the youngsters will appear to be “a somewhat alien life force.”

And this from The Australian:

“These children of the millennium create their own content online, and while generation X pays for an unlisted number and retreats ever deeper into its funkhole, gen C spends its time going public and talking about itself in neurotic detail on the web.

They sound like every generation of idealistic youngsters: eager, cute and, sadly, about to run slap-bang into reality.”

Looksy is not just a cute project created by idealistic but naive youngsters; it is a place where anyone who is living a life that not only consumes the world’s offerings but also (re)creates it digitally is welcome. You don’t have to be a late teen early twenty something, even we old crusties are welcome. Jack Kerouac is an archetypal Gen C — and most late teen/early twenty somethings would never have heard of him! Probably most 30somethings would be hard pressed to say who he was – “a politician? A songwriter?”

Whilst as an old crusty (who’s been around the block on wet rainy nights a few too many times) I can certainly empathise with the journo from The Australian and his/her view on idealism and reality, history shows us that—wars not included—every generation since Elvis has changed forever the landscape that surrounded it.

As a society, as a culture, we have yet to see what impact the ‘no privacy’ behaviour of today’s members of Gen C will have on our landscape. The rules are being written as we speak, and spoken as we write.

Thanks, Simon, for letting me know that Looksy exists. This brave new (online) world is indeed an exciting place to live!

[Simon: the topnav links from the blog are broken – look at your code, they all take /blog/ as the root and try to link to pages underneath it]


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