Melcrum Aussie Christmas Specials

by Lee Hopkins on December 18, 2007

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Fabulous ideas on how to be a whizz at Business Communication? I can't pass these offers up...

Melcrum are offering three of their most successful publications to you at a bargain rate for this Christmas.

Yes, it makes you think ‘Why?’

Why, if they are so successful, would they drop the large cash cow and give these reports to you for a heck of a lot less than normal?

Come on… have you REALLY never been marketed to before? Sheesh!!!

Ok – it’s called “give them something to come back for”.

That is, you buy one or more of these bloomin’ good publications and you are more likely to want to purchase more (once you see the value inside), PLUS they have you on their marketing database.

Ok, you might ask, is being on their database such a risk? Or being on Ragan‘s database for that matter?

No, not if you want access to great business communication information. Both companies offer fantastic information — Ragan for the North American market, Melcrum for the UK/Euro and Australian market.

“You pays your money and you takes your choice” as the old saying goes.

Having been involved with both companies I can attest to the quality of both the information they provide AND the expertise they are able to call upon.

Here’s Melcrum’s Christmas offering to the Australasian market (and yes, folks in NZ, Melcrum are planning to come across to you very shortly… if you play your cards right I’ll be there too!):


1. Developing a communication toolkit for managers

  • The practical guide that will equip your managers with the vital skills they need to communicate to employees effectively
  • Written by communication expert, Andy Szpekman, you’ll get tips, resources and templates for you to include in your own company’s manager toolkit
  • Case studies: Agilent, Bank of America, the BBC, Westpac Bank, Vodafone, AstraZeneca and Siemens
  • Expert insight: Shel Holtz, Neville Hobson, Roger D’Aprix, Bill Quirke, Ben Edwards (IBM) and Jacqui Hitt
    More information or buy now with a 15% discount


2. How to use social media to engage employees

  • Your guide to how some of the world’s most innovative companies are engaging employees using social media
  • Get the most up-to-date information on integrating blogs, wikis, RSS, podcasting and all the other social media tools with your communications
  • Case studies include: BT, IBM, Microsoft, Unilever, The World Bank and Allen and Overy
  • Expert insight comes from: Debbie Weil, Lee Hopkins, Neville Hobson, Bill Ives and Steve Clayton
    More information or buy now with a 15% discount


3. Delivering successful change communication

  • The most up to date and comprehensive report available on change communication
  • Overcome the challenges you’ll face when planning and implementing your change communication programmes
  • Case studies include: Shell, Intel, Ericsson, Avaya, Sun Microsystems and Mayo Clinic
  • Expert insight includes: Roger D’Aprix, Linda Dulye, Bill Quirke, Angela Sinickas and many more
    More information or buy now with a 15% discount

So you can now buy all three of these best sellers for just AU$1,320 (saving AU$670) (+ $20 shipping)

Or you can buy any two with a 20% discount:

Option 1: How to use social media to engage employees &
Delivering successful change communication AU$1,160 (saving AU$295) Buy now

Option 2: How to use social media to engage employees &
Developing a communication toolkit for managers AU$800 (saving AU$205) Buy now

Option 3: Delivering successful change communication &
Developing a communication toolkit for managers AU$1,055 (saving AU$265) Buy now
(+ $20 shipping for each option)



Disclaimer: I am working closely with Melcrum to ensure that any material released for the Australasian communications environment is both relevant and useful. I have written a publication on podcasting for them, and designed and run workshops and seminars about Social Media on their behalf, for which I have been paid. I make no profit from the sale of any of the abovementioned publications, but freely give of my time and expertise in order that my Australasian business communications colleagues may learn, grow and flourish.



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