Politics, naivety and THAT filtering announcement

by Lee Hopkins on January 2, 2008 · 2 comments

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If you are an Australian, and unless you have been off-world for a while, you would have heard or read about the new ‘content filter’ that the Labor government is wanting to introduce.

Ho hum.

Much hand wringing has been occurring within the Aussie social media space about this, but perhaps it is a sign of my age and long-toothedness that I cannot muster up much angst about it.

Most people are experiencing emotions ranging from bemusement to outright despair at the stupidity of politicians. The Australian blogosphere is again laughing at another example of inept political bumbling (and this is not the first time the ‘net censorship’ card has been played) but also angry that the lessons it felt were adequately explained to the previous government by various interested parties have been forgotten in lieu of ‘being seen to be doing something’.

After all, successive governments around the world have tried to filter out ‘naughty’ material as a way of being seen to be doing something, yet invariably the filters are useless and easily negotiated by anyone with half a brain cell and a spare teenage wizz-geek at hand. Successive governments have played with the idea, then realised that the technical complexity is far too much for one politician’s leetle gray cells to cope with.

Like most political pronouncements, what is said and what is delivered are likely to be two very different things, and this is an issue that will probably find itself pushed under a carpet in a month or two as something far more pressing captures the government’s attention.

Of course, I eagerly await my daughter’s promised laptop to arrive. We keep waiting at the post box…

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