FIR reports 302, 304, 306 & 308

by Lee Hopkins on January 7, 2008

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I’ve been slack in posting my FIR reports.

To rectify that here’s the last four, including the one you won’t hear on FIR until it gets posted tomorrow, Australian time!


I remind us all that just because Shel and Neville haven’t said much about Second Life lately doesn’t mean that nothing is happening there. The Australian Federal Police, for instance, have been making good use of it.

My second topic is the importance of rules in social media as in child-rearing. It’s fine to discard them, but before you can do that, you have to know what they are, and they help newbies feel more confident when venturing into Web 2.0 for the first time.


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I wish listeners a culturally appropriate holiday, suggest that we might be able to leave the ‘.com’ off the end of domain names in radio (or podcast) advertising, manage to fit in a sound effect or two despite madcap party preparations, and threaten you all with the return of the Comms Cafe podcast.


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In my final report for 2007 (possibly the shortest I have ever recorded), I send FIR the reflections I intended for Mitch Joel’s ‘Yule Log’ episode of Six Pixels of Separation. So what did ‘Professor’ Hopkins do in 2007?

  • Started doctoral research into Second Life
  • Played an integral role in corporate awareness of social media in corporate Australia
  • Worked with Melcrum to help Australian business understand what social media is

And in 2008, he’s looking forward to:

  • An explosion of Australian corporates engaging with social media
  • Working with two companies to explore the business benefits of 3D virtual worlds
  • The resurrection of the Comms Cafe Podcast
  • Remaining on the frontline of social media evangelism
  • Hearing about what other people are achieving.

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308 – the latest one!

Download the podcast now (6mb) or else subscribe to my podcast feed to receive each and every report at around the same time as the report is published over at ForImmediateRelease.


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