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2008 January — Page 2

January 2008

From Digg: startribune.com — Mark Backlund was driving to the airport to pick up his parents when he got in an accident. State troopers stopped and said he became “uncooperative” and tasered him. He was later pronounced dead. Authorities have not described the uncooperative behavior. The Star Tribune link is down as I write this […]

2007 PR Disasters Award winners announced

by Lee Hopkins on January 18, 2008

in miscellaneous

My mate Gerry McCusker has announced the 2007 winners of the worst PR disasters award. There’s some classic moments of PR misery, as well as reminders of some fabulous “I’m bored; let’s shoot myself in the foot” moments when emotion and boredom got the better of common sense. I won’t spoil the winners list for […]

links for 2008-01-17

by Lee Hopkins on January 17, 2008

in clippings

The Story Behind These Company Names » BlogIsEverything.com How some famous companies got their names. I knew the Apache one, but the Adobe one was new to me. I knew the Google/Googol link, but but not how they settled on the Google name – cool! (tags: branding history trivia tech)

I knew a little about wikis before being sent a review copy of Stewart’s new book, but nothing prepared me for what lay between the sheets of paper when I received it. WOW! WOW! and WOW! again. This book is an absolute gem! Normally I have a real fear of reading books by North American […]

links for 2008-01-16

by Lee Hopkins on January 16, 2008 · 4 comments

in clippings

Twitter / Roo Reynolds: Hearing about ‘silent disco… 500 sets of cordless headphones listening to a live DJ – gets around the noise regulations. Cool idea shared by Mr Metaverse Evangelist for the business marcomms community (tags: roo dj cordless technology trends earbuds headphones) Twitter / Wonderwebby : is Twitter a passport to id… JazzyDee […]

Roo Reynolds and the Metaverse

by Lee Hopkins on January 16, 2008

in second life

Anyone who’s spent any time in my presence knows that I bang on and on and on about the 3D collaborative virtual environment, known more helpfully as the ‘Metaverse’. Roo Reynolds, IBM Metaverse Evangelist (I would love to have a job like his! …maybe once I get my doctorate…) gives a 43 minute presentation (slides […]

IBM Aust Open fashion contest

by Lee Hopkins on January 16, 2008

in second life

Cross-posted from my Second Life blog Last year I was very kindly shown behind the scenes of the Australian Open in Second Life. This year the whole kit and kaboodle is open to the public and, naturally, there is a contest for the best looking avatar. Courtesy of eightbar.co.uk: This year, in conjunction with its […]

Christopher S Penn: braniac and top bloke

by Lee Hopkins on January 16, 2008 · 6 comments

in marketing

A recent private discussion amongst some members of our illustrious community focused on how to cope with the potential damage to one’s reputation if idjuts start posting negative and inflammatory comments on your blog. There are historically two things you can do if you start receiving the attention of the ill-informed and barking mad: Ignore […]

King Conroy-Canute and Aussie web censorship

by Lee Hopkins on January 16, 2008 · 1 comment

in Uncategorized

My colleague-in-arms Laurel Papworth points to a fabulous article from the stables of the ABC about the whole Labor net censorship laughable debacle bill. Says the ABC’s Mark Pesce on ‘Unleashed’ (where my mate Trevor Cook also writes): No child pornographer has been detected or caught through filtered network traffic. These rings are cracked because […]

links for 2008-01-15

by Lee Hopkins on January 15, 2008 · 4 comments

in clippings

41 top social media tips and tools Courtesy of Dave Fleet. Hat tip to Connie Benson’s tweet (tags: socialmedia tools tips web2.0)