Why it’s now raining in Adelaide: God sent us an angel

by Lee Hopkins on March 27, 2008 · 1 comment

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Dena Vassallo - thrill-seeker and rain-maker

The drought has temporarily broken in Adelaide. After an interminably long time, we finally have had a few drops of rain here in this city perched on the edge of a desert, located in the driest state in the driest continent on earth.

I can now safely divulge the reason why we received the rain: an angel was sent down from above (Chicago, Northern Hemisphere)and has settled down here (at least temporarily) in Adelaide.

For those who wish to pay homage and lay flowers, Bollinger or gifts of money at her feet, I am at liberty to reveal her name:

Dena Vassallo.

Find her on Facebook and marvel at the back-story created for her. Anyone would think that she comes with an impressive history of working at the very highest levels of Marcomms. And she has. She is ‘one smart cookie’ as our Northern American colleagues would say. But she has an additional talent.

No, not hamster juggling, that’s Trevor Cook’s speciality. It is her ‘secret’ identity as an Angel of Rain.

We are in her debt. (I secretly think she is the reason why Premier Brumby caved in and signed up to the National Water Plan — somehow she got into his mind and he was powerless to resist).

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