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2008 April

April 2008

Further to an earlier post where I expressed my frustration over technology no longer doing what it was supposed to do, and taking Donna’s, Clarence’s and Max’s point that these days nothing does what it is supposed to do, I have decided to drink myself under the table revert back to trusty and beloved fountain […]

Is Twitter censoring swearing?

by Lee Hopkins on April 29, 2008 · 2 comments

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Imagine my surprise when I read some tweets in Twhirl and saw this: How did Twhirl/Twitter/raena do that??? Technorati tags: twitter, twhirl, raena, lee hopkins

Affiliate program started: earn some $$ on me

by Lee Hopkins on April 29, 2008

in housekeeping

I’ve launched an affiliate program for the products I sell over on the BetterCommunicationResults.com.au website. You can earn 50% commission on my monthly newsletter my social media flash cards my better business writing course It’s there if you want it… Technorati tags: commission, affiliate, newsletter, social media, flash card, better business writing, course, business communication, […]

I recently had the pleasure of being whisked up to sunny and beautiful Brisbane to catch up with one of the delegates to a two-day workshop on Social Media I ran in Sydney last year. Pita Norris works for Powerlink, the Queensland power company, and she asked me to present a quick review of Social […]

Word reaches your humble correspondent’s ear that Lee Potts, who is an integral part of the fabulous Visual Being group blog, has started yet another project. Obviously with far too much time on his hands {grin}, Lee is running solo this time with Breaking Murphy’s Law, a blog about all of the things that can […]

Technology gone mad: I need your advice

by Lee Hopkins on April 25, 2008 · 9 comments

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Okay, technology is something I love. Truly. When it works. But now it’s got to the point where it is ridiculous. Nothing is communicating with anything else and I’m “thick, thick, thick up to here” as a very old English comedian used to day. I have in my possession: a hiptop3/Sidekick3 which no longer talks […]

Sublime creativity to music

by Lee Hopkins on April 24, 2008

in nonverbal communication,pr,tools,video

Watch this and marvel at the human being’s ability to create much out of little, courtesy of our imagination. So, the business outcome is this: Never say it can’t be done; there is always some imaginative way to get your message across! Technorati tags: creativity, youtube, humanity, business communication, communication, lee hopkins

Well, you are in for a surprise if you are a male who happens to be visiting the Congo on business. According to well-placed sources (a friend of mine who reads the ‘bizarre’ sections of news websites), men in the Congo are having their ‘private parts’ either amputated or shrunk. Says the Reuters article: Purported […]

links for 2008-04-23

by Lee Hopkins on April 23, 2008

in clippings

PR people are liars | Strive Notes Shock horror!! *NOW* you know why I distance myself from PR… I am *NOT* repeat *NOT* a PR practitioner! The trouble is, no matter WHAT the industry, there are always idjuts who take shortcuts and ruin it for everyone. PR is no different — I know some (tags: […]

A massive project that I have been involved with for well over a year has finally come to fruition (you have no idea of the approval process involved and the number of iterations of the site!). Rollershutters.com.au has launched, and with it the opportunity for Australian shopkeepers and homeowners to protect their property and themselves […]