May 2008

And if you don’t know who Dr Joe Vitale is, don’t worry. Someone else who does will get the information ahead of you anyway and learn how to effectively position theirs and their clients’ products and services in this new communication landscape before you have even figured if the Social Media world is relevant to your business

The utterly clueless PR agencies around Australia will eventually have to secede their clients over to those consultancies who do get this stuff or to individual reputation management and relationship management consultants like Trevor Cook, Gerry McCusker and yours truly,Lee Hopkins.

You just KNEW it had to happen sometime

by Lee Hopkins on May 26, 2008

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A double knockout; it was only a matter of time…

Viral video – another superb example

by Lee Hopkins on May 25, 2008

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Coutesy of the ever-sharp man in black, Mitch Joel, comes a Weezer video that was designed from the outset to ‘go viral’. Absolutely superb!

The wonderful world of social networking tools

by Lee Hopkins on May 23, 2008 · 2 comments

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Connie Crosby gave a presentation to the Ontario Association of Library Technicians a few days ago; here’s her slide deck. | View | Upload your own Thanks for sharing, Connie! Technorati tags: connie crosby, slideshare, social networking, business communication

This is superb! Go on, you thought it was real at first, didn’t you?!! So did I!

From my Second Life blog “There’s no dark side of the moon; it’s all dark”Pink Floyd, Dark Side of the Moon Says HitSearch in a media release: eitarosoft, inc. today announced that they have successfully developed a 3D virtual world service on Google’s platform “Android”. The conventional 3D virtual world service required the use of […]

Botgirl Questi has drawn a truly brilliant representation of the way identity is moving to and fro online and offline. A full-size image is available via Flickr and I’ve already printed it out and laminated it, ready to put on the outside my office door at campus. It’s also now on my desktop (where previously […]

Further to Paul McKeon’s tweet about the survey, here’s some of their findings: Deacons’ research provides a snapshot of Internet use in Australian workplaces. The survey found 62 per cent of workers have access to the Internet from work and of these: 14 per cent use it at some time to access social networking sites. […]

All a-twitter about twitter

by Lee Hopkins on May 23, 2008

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More insights into those who are wondering WTF ‘Twitter’ is and if it really does have any value: UPDATE The Social Media Marketing group over on Plaxo had a fantastic discussion about Twitter — lots of very positive comments about how Twitter is positively impacting on their businesses Why Twitter Matters – a great BusinessWeek […]