Social Media newsletter – issue 3 now out!

by Lee Hopkins on May 14, 2008

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Better Social Media Communication Results - vol1 edition3 - May 2008The Better Social Media Communication Results newsletter

Each month the BetterComms team produces a glossy, must-buy hard copy newsletter filled with the latest ideas and case studies on the business use of social media tools and strategy.

In addition, we produce an audio cd containing an interview with one of our industry’s Social Media gurus. You can pop the cd in your car or burn it to your computer and mp3 player.

In this month’s issue:

  • hear Joe Jaffe give definitive reasons why Twitter should be in the toolkit of every communicator 
  • discover our Top 4 social media tips for companies
  • and don’t forget this: uncover the must-know info about why companies and you should microblog (‘Twitter’) 
  • find out why CSR is not just a TLA but something every company should be involved in but so few actually are 
  • hold on to your hat! Discover the complete Web2.0 directory… and no, it’s not Google!
  • read about a fabulous new free e-book on Social Media Authority by world-famous Web2.0 marketer Jack Humphrey
  • plus: how to write health messages that actually achieve behaviour change
  • and here’s the kicker: find out what the terms Web1.0, Web2.0 and Web3.0 might actually mean!

Interview with Joe Jaffe

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Once you subscribe you will receive in the post the newsletter and an audio cd interview each and every month (no holidays for us!).

Happy reading and listening!

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