Clippings – 30th May 2008

by Lee Hopkins on May 30, 2008

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  • Newsgator, the makers of FeedDemon (my favourite rss reader and because it syncs with itself at various places, saving me having to add every single blog and news feed I follow again after my rebuild) are allowing you to follow the Presidential campaign trail in America on your mobile phone. For free. Who said ‘mobiles’ won’t be the platform of 2008/9?
  • Corporate Engagement: We still need strategy, we just need it faster. Me ol’ mucker Trevor with one of his usual insightful thought snippets about why Strategy is such an over-used yet lonely word in today’s corporate comms world. Must-read.
  • Why Twitter Matters. Can the fledgling microblogging service become a social media powerhouse to rival giants like Facebook — or will it be gobbled up?
  • Valleywag lets you know what the viral videos in Weezer’s brilliant video are.
  • Metaverse 08: Fiona Gallageher about Sun in Second Life. Sun Microsystems and their experience of using Second Life as a business support platform

Since I sent an email yesterday to a few friends who are interested in online marketing I’ve been inundated by replies about what one of the world’s best copywriters, Dr. Joe Vitale, will be revealing this coming Friday. As I said in the email, I don’t know the full story either, but it could be good (his stuff usually is; his ‘Hypnotic Writing’ book and follow-up ‘Bootcamp’ are in my office bookshelf).

As you can imagine, I’ve been doing everything I can to obtain more information from one of my contacts who does know the full story of what is going on here. Most of the updates are found here. However, I did learn an additional piece of information that I’ve been told must not be published onto any website. Bugger that!

Rumour has it that Joe will be taking his brilliant ‘Hypnotic Marketing’ concepts and integrating them with Web2.0/Social Networking principles. Now THAT should be worth the entrance fee!

And if you don’t know who Dr Joe Vitale is, don’t worry. Someone else who does will get the information ahead of you anyway and learn how to effectively position theirs and their clients’ products and services in this new communication landscape before you have even figured if the Social Media world is relevant to your business.


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