June 2008

The July / August 2008 edition of trendwatching.com‘s Trend Briefing is now online, covering INNOVATION AVALANCHE, including new and updated trends, and no less than 41 new business ideas, many of them begging to be introduced to the Australian market. So… time to finally dream up that new product or startup. You know you want […]

Up front and personal: I make a MASSIVE $6.75 for each copy sold. “Woop-dee-” and may I say “doo!” It is ABSOLUTELY NOT the reason I am banging on about this product. If all I cared about was the money I would throw just about everything I receive at you in the hope that some […]

The big bad man in black, Mitch Joel, has an excellent post on how you might want to consider the three leading and different social networks: Facebook, LinkedIn and MySpace. In Mitch’s eyes (and I concur with him wholeheartedly but add one extra component — more details at the end of this post): Facebook is […]

Gary Hayes suggests that it is the bricolage nature of today’s ‘amateur’ digital creatives that threatens to undermine and overthrow the ‘professional’ creative from their throne (and job).

Three and a bit ways to survive a blogstorm

by Lee Hopkins on June 28, 2008

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Three (and a bit) ways to survive a blogstorm: 1. Be prepared.Set up the facilities by which your advocates and evangelists can come to your aid. They *can* come to your aid via their own blog, but it really helps your cause and your Google digital reputation if you already have a blog of your […]

From the ‘Corporate Good Relations’ Department, via our roving correspondent Dan York. Intel, the chip maker and long-time partner of Microsoft in a partnership known to many as “Wintel”, has decided not to upgrade its 80,000 employee computers to Vista. The infamous ‘unnamed source’ says that internal audits show the cost of migration and upgrades […]

My favourite Sydney PR agency Text100 have just wrapped up an Asia-Pacific survey of bloggers [pdf report], asking them what they wanted and how they preferred to be contacted. Personally, my own demands are few and quite logical: Copious bottles of Verve Cliq in order to motivate me to read any of your press releases […]

links for 2008-06-25

by Lee Hopkins on June 26, 2008

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Scrubbing the atmosphere of CO2 – Boing Boing Environmental scientist Wallace Broecker proposes that the only way to fix global warming is by literally scrubbing CO2 from the atmosphere and burying it. (tags: climate green science) Mind Control Made Easy – Boing Boing Carey Burtt’s superb “Mind Control Made Easy or How to Become a […]

And they launch with a promise: First 20,000 businesses to sign up for new service get $100 Facebook Ads credit But wait, there’s more! The Visa Business Network, an application built on Facebook to help companies network and drive new business — while generating $2 million in advertising revenue for Facebook Inc. The new Visa […]

[updated salary details – 19:26, 25July2008] Capital works at ElectraNet is big business and they need a strong communication co-ordinator to oversee the development and delivery of communication tools for these infrastructure projects. The right person will have a demonstrated ability to develop and deliver strategic communication plans, corporate and community communication materials and an […]