Love lies bleeding? Intel won’t let Vista in to play

by Lee Hopkins on June 26, 2008

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Paul Otellini at Intel won't let Steve Ballmer's Vista in to play

From the ‘Corporate Good Relations’ Department, via our roving correspondent Dan York.

Intel, the chip maker and long-time partner of Microsoft in a partnership known to many as “Wintel”, has decided not to upgrade its 80,000 employee computers to Vista.

The infamous ‘unnamed source’ says that internal audits show the cost of migration and upgrades to be not worth the hassle.

As Steve Lohr reports in the NYT,

Could Intel change its mind? Quite possibly. Microsoft’s chief executive, Steven Ballmer, has few equals as a forceful, persuasive salesman, and he and Paul Otellini, Intel’s chief executive, meet regularly.

‘Forceful, persuasive salesman’. Code, perhaps, for ‘bully’ or ‘thug’?

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