Three and a bit ways to survive a blogstorm

by Lee Hopkins on June 28, 2008

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Three (and a bit) ways to survive a blogstorm:

1. Be prepared.
Set up the facilities by which your advocates and evangelists can come to your aid. They *can* come to your aid via their own blog, but it really helps your cause and your Google digital reputation if you already have a blog of your own that they can come and rally around you on.

2. Persistently and voraciously monitor the ‘Live Web’.
A storm can erupt within hours and it is the foolish organisation that fails to constantly be searching for its own name, the names of its staff, its products, its services, the names of its competitors, the names of its key industry players.

3. Be prepared to respond.
Sometimes the best response is ‘no response’, but not very often. If the first few mentions of you in the Live Web are from, shall we say, less-credible elements of the blogosphere, then it *may* pay to ‘watch and wait’ rather than jump in to save your reputation. However, I would *strongly* advise you to work with your Social Media-savvy PR consultants to make a final decision — there are factors such as the commentors’ authority, their own networks and in what format or media the comments were originally posted to consider, inter alia.

Finally, take heart.
Even those who have been tested by fire can confirm that the nature of the blogosphere is incredibly fast-paced and volatile. Huge, all-engulfing firestorms roar through the blogosphere every week, devouring all in their path then moving on to fresh pastures. On Day Two you might think you are in the middle of WWII; by Day Fourteen you might think you are on cloud nine and the fuss and bother all just a distant memory. Just remember to go back and restore your digital reputation at Google.


Note: This is a reposting of an earlier article for testing purposes (plus it never hurts to be reminded of the important stuff, does it?)

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