Falling in and out of love with Twitter

by Lee Hopkins on July 27, 2008

in tools

It’s one of those annoying services that becomes highly addictive when you have the time and head-space to give it some attention.

But at other times it’s either a massive distraction and productivity-killer, or else it’s ‘out of order’.

Erin sums it up nicely:

Some days I love twitter, some days I hate it, says QueenOfSpain, alias Erin Kotecki Vest

I’ve been informed of some valuable content via Twitter, but equally I’ve failed to finish some work because I’ve de-focused from my work and diverted my few remaining brain cells to its incessant tapping into the collective instant pan-global conversation.

It truly is addictive. I wonder if there is a ‘TA’ branch near me…

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