July 2008

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by Lee Hopkins on July 24, 2008

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South Australian ROOTS and BLUES There’s podcasts, a Facebook group, gig guides, reviews, videos… all because I just happened across a public radio station that was playing some blues today. I love serendipidity! (tags: blues adelaide southaustralia sa music podcast video gig)

"As long as there’s, you know, sex and drugs, I can do without the rock and roll." So said Mick Shrimpton, legendary drummer with the seminal British rock group Spinal Tap. It turns out that rock drummers on tour are much fitter than those overpaid poncy nancy-boys called professional footballers. Says the Beeb: Tests on […]

Carol Kinsey Goman has written another superb article for me and I’ve popped it up on my articles website. Entitled ‘Thriving on discontinuous change’, here’s a snippet: IBM’s 2008 Global CEO Study finds that organizations are being bombarded by change, and many are struggling to keep up. Executives see significant change ahead, but the gap […]

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by Lee Hopkins on July 23, 2008

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Lazy Men Looking for Easier Ways to Do Things Heidi Miller on why progress is inevitable: it is the incessant search by men to imitate Homer Simpson (tags: heidimiller homersimpson homer technology progress lazy lifehack microblog twitter blog blogging)

The important point for us is that we use the tool that most suits us and our style. Just as there’s no point trying to get a non-communicative CEO to start blogging, there’s no point trying to use a tool and channel that uses skills not ordinarily part of your personal repertoire.

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by Lee Hopkins on July 22, 2008

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YouTube – Ever so Light by Deep Chill Ever so Light by Deep Chill Produced by Chris Loft for the Radio Curly Collective internet radio from Adelaide. Original alternative music laid-back ambient chill jazz trance from radiocurly.com (tags: music ambient jazz chill trance radiocurly) The LinkedIn Common Craft Video « Marketing Nirvana One of Lee […]

Our very own (as in ‘lives in Adelaide, Australia’) blogging femme fatale, the fabulous Shai Coggins, has been nominated 11th most influential female blogger by the team at North x East. The list includes luminaries from many fields and despite its white, US-centric focus the point of the list is to prove that blogging is […]

And to prove that it’s not only the North Americans that keep we Australian’s bemused, three journalists have been injured in south-west China after a gun went off at a press conference. The press conference was called by Chinese police to highlight the success of a gun control campaign, the ABC has reported. It seems […]

Pump up the volume and pump up the profits

by Lee Hopkins on July 20, 2008

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As forwarded to the “There’s a health message in here somewhere” department: Reuters has reported on a French study has found that customers of bars that play loud music drink more quickly and in fewer gulps. The study, published in the journal Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research, found that turning up the music spurred drinkers […]

From the “Ooopsies!” department

by Lee Hopkins on July 20, 2008

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Here’s a bit of a howler that ‘got away’: $8m sorth of cocaine has been stolen from a Spanish police station The police were reportedly red-faced after more than 100kg of cocaine were stolen from police headquarters in Seville and replaced with talcum powder, a spokesman said. The missing drugs, amounting to 95 per cent […]